arne duncan

Income Inequality Goes to School

Feb 24, 2012
Countering the efforts of educational reformers -- including President Obama and his Race to the Top crew -- to blame teachers for student failures, researchers are finding that the growing gap between the affluent and the poor is the real villain.The harm done by an economic system increasingly tilted toward the rich is much more than a pocketbook issue.
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Cabinet Officials Raise ‘Gray Area’ Cash for Obama

Nov 17, 2011
Skirting good ethics and the law of the land, White House Cabinet officials are touring the nation on behalf of President Obama's campaign fundraising machine, which has already taken in more cash than all the Republican presidential candidates combined and nearly three times as much as the president's richest competitor, Mitt Romney. (more)

A New Resistance to Standardized Tests

Sep 4, 2011
A fresh national movement to oppose the standardized testing of young students is afoot. The Bartleby Project aims to invalidate state test results by getting parents and their children to simply opt out of testing; if enough did so, that would make schools' yearly progress ratings meaningless. (more)