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Sean Penn’s Diplomatic New Gig

Jan 18, 2012
He's certainly been rehearsing for this role for years (remember his post-Katrina floating photo op?), and now Sean Penn has an honest-to-goodness new post as the ambassador at large to Haiti, as of a special ceremony held in his honor last weekend.

Alleged Murder Plot Fans U.S.-Iran Tensions

Oct 12, 2011
Figuring in among the lineup of top stories on Wednesday's broadcast of "Democracy Now!" is the alleged assassination plot against Saudi Arabia Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, for which the US has charged two Iranian agents Meanwhile, government officials in Tehran are accusing the Obama administration of (more) .

U.S. Names Iranians in Alleged Assassination Plot

Oct 12, 2011
As if relations between Tehran and Washington weren't troubled enough, Tuesday brought news of a purported plan by Iranian government operatives to kill one Adel al-Jubeir (above), Saudi ambassador to the United States. The alleged bomb plot was shut down by American authorities after two agents apparently recruited the wrong … (more)