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Iran Claims It Captured U.S. Drone

Dec 9, 2011
Well, this is awkward. Iran's state-run Press TV reported Thursday that a special Revolutionary Guard "electronic warfare unit" had gained remote control of a U.S. drone and landed it after it had flown more than 100 miles into Iranian airspace.

Iran and U.S. Navy Play Chicken in Persian Gulf

Jan 8, 2008
The carrier group sent to the Persian Gulf to intimidate and irritate Iran apparently struck a nerve. The U.S. Navy says that five suspected Iranian ships came within "close proximity" of one of a group of three American vessels. The ships turned around and no shots were fired, according to a Navy official and news reports.

Senators Seek to Deny U.S. Jet Parts to Iran

Jan 30, 2007
Although the United States and Iran have a testy relationship at best, weaknesses in security protocol currently allow buyers for Tehran to procure valuable aircraft parts from the U.S. military. At least two Democrats in the Senate want to cut off the supply, which would make the Iranian air force effectively irreparable.

Pakistan Called ?Hub? of Airline Terror Plot

Aug 13, 2006
U.S. and European officials have traced major support for the recently foiled aircraft terror plot to Pakistan, though they praised the Pakistani government for its ?vital? role in unraveling the scheme. Investigators said the operation drew financial and logistical support from Karachi and Lahore, and at least 17 of those in British custody are said to have ties to Pakistan.

Brits Foil Terror Plot

Aug 10, 2006
Scotland Yard has upset a terrorist plot to explode planes in mid-flight from the UK to the U.S. As part of an operation lasting several months, authorities arrested 18 people and raised the threat level in the UK to critical, the highest possible. Update: Bush raised America's threat level to red -- the highest. It's a first for America.