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Still Reaping a Harvest of Shame

Aug 2, 2013
Edward R. Murrow titled his 1960 CBS documentary "Harvest of Shame" on the merciless exploitation of the migrant farmworkers by the large growers and their local government allies. More than 50 years later, it is still the harvest of shame for nearly 2 million migrant farmworkers who follow the seasons to harvest our fruits and vegetables.

Howard Buffett’s Hope for Africa’s Future

Aug 17, 2011
Earlier this month, Howard Buffett -- the philanthropist son of the "Sage of Omaha" -- penned a Huffington Post article defending a project within the U.N.’s World Food Program called "Purchase for Progress" and offered his vision of an ideal future for farmers in the global south. (more)

Corn Syrup by Any Other Name (Please)

Sep 16, 2010
Now that high fructose corn syrup has officially been smeared by everyone from foodie guru Michael Pollan to political prankster Stephen Colbert, the business brass behind the maligned sweetener has gone into identity crisis mode and emerged with a bold new rebranding campaign.

Farm Bill Brings the Bacon

Feb 29, 2008
What has the power to unite progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans? According to a compelling article in the San Francisco Chronicle, agribusiness is having its way in Congress, even getting Democrats to cut food stamps to make room for subsidies.