Obama Has the Edge After First Debate

Sep 30, 2008
Even though the American mainstream media pronounced Friday's presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain a draw, the UK's Guardian newspaper tallied up some poll results and found that Obama has gained an edge over McCain as the candidates head into their final month of campaigning.

GOP Insiders Slam McCain Ad Attacking Obama’s Celebrity

Jul 31, 2008
Several leading Republican strategists, both named and anonymous, were quoted Wednesday as slamming the latest in a string of bold attack ads on Barack Obama, this one overlaying images of the young senator with troubled trollops Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. "McCain ads are just catch as catch can, one wild swing at Obama after another," one strategist told the Washington Post.

Obama, McCain Camps Clash Over Attack Ad

Jul 28, 2008
Barack Obama's decision to forgo a visit with wounded US troops in Germany during the European leg of his recent international sojourn gave John McCain's camp the idea for a new advertisement criticizing the Illinois senator, although Obama's team and Republican Sen Chuck Hagel beg to differ with its premise.