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Antidepressant Nation

Jul 14, 2011
A serious conversation is under way in the United States on the subject of psychiatric drugs The debate consists of three fundamental issues: first, whether antidepressants actually treat depression; second, the vast, growing body of evidence that psychotropic medications (more).

Study: Scientists Taking Brain-Boosting Drugs

Apr 11, 2008
Call them the steroids of the scientific set: A British journal found that drugs like Ritalin and Provigil are popular among some scientists, mostly under 35, to enhance focus and ward off fatigue. A full 80 percent of the 1,258 respondents in the Nature survey believed "healthy humans" had the right to use performance-boosting drugs to give them an edge in their work.

Study Raises Doubts About ADHD Meds for Kids

Nov 18, 2007
Here's a study that the makers of Ritalin probably won't love: Researchers working on the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children With ADHD, which has been tracking 600 kids in treatment for ADHD since the 1990s, now question earlier findings about the effectiveness of medication and raise new concerns.

Are Food Additives Making Kids Hyper?

Sep 7, 2007
It would seem a no-brainer, given the old "you are what you eat" adage, that those scary-sounding and clearly unnatural ingredients added to a wide range of foodstuffs might have some impact on children's health. A team of British researchers from the University of Southampton believes that could be the case.