Give Peace a Chance

Jan 28, 2007
Tens of thousands of protesters marched on Washington on Saturday to demand an end to the war. The Rev. Graylan S. Hagler summed up the feeling of the crowd, which included veterans, celebrities, politicians and others: "When we voted it was a directive to bring our troops home now."

Washington Peace March Nears

Jan 16, 2007
United for Peace & Justice -- a coalition of more than 1,300 activist groups with the support of and other progressive organizations -- is planning a march on Washington set for Jan. 27. Organizers hope the demonstration will pressure Congress to begin the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and end the war.
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How to Beat Wal-Mart

Dec 8, 2006
Stacy Mitchell chronicles the successful campaigns of community activists around the country who've taken on retail giants and won. The key to victory is "getting people to see themselves not just as consumers, but as workers, producers, business owners, citizens, and stewards of their community."