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Perps in the White House

Posted on Jan 12, 2011
AP / Carolyn Kaster

Shake on it: President Barack Obama welcomes his new White House chief of staff, William Daley, in the East Room of the White House on Jan. 6.

While it is widely recognized that the banking meltdown has left enormous economic pain and political upheaval in its wake, it is amazing that the folks who created this mess are rewarded with ever more important positions in our government. Yet the recent appointments of Gene Sperling and William Daley, key Wall Street-connected perps of this crisis, to the most critical positions in the Obama White House have not generated much controversy. 

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The justification for the media’s indifference appears to be that the new appointees can hardly be worse than the hustlers they replaced. From its beginning, the Obama administration has been flooded with veterans of the Clinton White House who pushed through the radical deregulation that Wall Street had long sought and were rewarded with fat fees from the big banks when they left government.

Sperling was a key proponent, back in the Clinton Treasury Department, of the deregulation of the financial industry that precipitated this crisis, but his then-boss, Lawrence Summers, the man he will now replace as Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, was certainly even more culpable. Both were well rewarded for their efforts. Summers received $8 million in Wall Street compensation back in 2008 while he was an adviser to candidate Obama, and during that same year Sperling got $2.2 million from his various consulting activities, mostly for banks that ran into trouble. His main employer was Goldman Sachs—which paid him $887,727 for advice on, of all things, charitable giving while Goldman’s dubious business practices were leaving many around the world more desperately in need of charity.

So, too, the case of Daley filling the shoes of Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff. Both are Democratic Party operatives with long histories of parlaying political influence into private wealth. But Daley, a scion of the Chicago machine that was so instrumental in the rise of Obama, is an even more persistent combatant on the side of Wall Street against the pubic interest. After serving as commerce secretary in the Clinton administration, where he developed a particularly strong connection with Enron before that company’s implosion, Daley went into the private sector, where he played a major role in making the large corporation’s case against the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 1982, designed to prevent another Enron debacle.

Later in the decade, as most Americans were reeling from the dire consequences of the unfettering of Wall Street greed that Daley had supported in the Clinton administration, he himself was profiting mightily, earning $5 million a year from JPMorgan Chase and half a million more as a director of defense contractor Boeing and health industry giant Abbott Laboratories. Back in the 1990s, Daley was a director of Fannie Mae as the housing agency began its steep slide into massive mortgage debt, but he showed no caution at JPMorgan when he was a top executive and the bank took on so much of that toxic debt. 


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Despite the banking meltdown, Daley has remained a fierce believer in keeping unregulated the financial markets that have caused so much turmoil. He was JPMorgan’s point man in Washington in blunting the already limited financial regulation proposals of the Obama administration. As The New York Times reported: “Mr. Daley, or the corporations he has served in recent years, have worked aggressively behind the scenes to water down or defeat central elements of Mr. Obama’s agenda, opposing the creation of the Consumer Protection Bureau and elements of the health care bill.”

Clearly Obama has responded to the electoral reversal he suffered after his first two years in office just as President Bill Clinton did, by shunning the more populist wing of his party and embracing financial and corporate titans in an effort to prove he is pro-business. The tactic will not work nearly as well for him because, thanks to the financial mess that Clinton enabled and Obama inherited, it will be difficult to paper over the deep problems in this country with easy credit and centrist-sounding policy nostrums. 

With 50 million Americans holding “underwater” mortgages, there can be no solution to the housing crisis unless the banks that got us into this wreck are forced to accept cramp-downs and other painful adjustments to help folks stay in their homes. If the economy remains in the sorry state that the Fed predicts for the next two years, Obama will not be re-elected, no matter how much money he is able to raise from his newest best friends on Wall Street.


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By SuperMike1661, January 18, 2011 at 8:57 pm Link to this comment


I ask you now to help me with this.

Let us assume, as you say, that Americans ALWAYS have the protection of the Constitution.  Now.

Of precisely what VALUE will this Constitution be if Asian slaveholders have taken every manufacturing job on the planet?

For the manufacturing jobs are the Commercial Operations that create Balance of Payments (funds flowing between countries).

If Slaveholders in Asia have all the money, how do Americans defend this Constitution? Or do you believe that A United States that has been corrupted into a Continental Company Town will actually be AUTONOMOUS?

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oddsox's avatar

By oddsox, January 18, 2011 at 8:44 pm Link to this comment

Sheer’s last paragraph sums it all up so beautifully that he needn’t have written the rest of the column.

But it needs an an asterisk:

*unless the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin.

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 7:02 pm Link to this comment


The old bourgeois world is sick unto death, how sick only the financiers and bankers, who have kept its corrupt old body above ground for many years, really know. Whilst it lies on its death-bed wrapped in its grave clothes of paper money the Peace Conference, by the terms imposed on the United States has given it its coup-de-grace; and now all that the Dictatorship of the People has to do is to bury it decently !!

The dictatorship of the workers will only be of a transitory character. When the economic transformation shall have been accomplished and the different social classes have disappeared a free association of equal citizens will have been obtained in which association the free development of individual character will be the necessary condition of the free development of all

The first economic measures to be taken will be the socialisation of all the financial capital and the extinction of State debts (small capital sums being exempted) the socialisation of the means of transport; of all airlines, of all large corporations, of all large agrarian enterprises, and of great commercial and industrial undertakings.

As soon as capitalist domination has been put an end to, plans must be made for the security of the new conquests. The bourgeoisie must be at once disarmed, and the proletariat must be mobilised as socialist Militia to prevent the Republican Party and the far-right from overthrowing the new Socialist US government.

By this means only can the american-proletariat overcome the attempts of counter revolutionaries, betrayers of the new dictatorship of the american workers, and annul the natural tendency of the progressive liberal bourgeoisie reformists, traditional democrats, and republicans to oppose the radical measures like expropiating the businesses of the Republicans and the exproprations of all large enterprises like Wal Marts, Target Stores, Sears and all large corporations of America.


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By REDHORSE, January 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm Link to this comment

CHAVITZAKING: Most here are aware of the American “shadow”, the atrocity of Empire and the seige now underway to destroy American Democracy. You’re “preaching to the choir”. The entire World has crossed a threshold and “isms”, like the desperate little criminals in Washington, are dinosaurs on their way to extinction. The real freight train is GCC, exponential population growth, failure of eco-systems and access to food and water.

    The one sure blood and bone gift Americans carried with them from Europe and Africa and the one most present in Native Americans is the ability to endure. The coming capitalist manufactured collapse of American social/financial institutions will not enslave but free Americans to redefine themselves and their lives. We shine in adversity. Frontier and cataclysm is our natural domain. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will stand.

    That much spoken of and anticipated American “hard rain” is falling. Our Souls, minds and tongues are fighting to demarcate a new Democracy for a New Age. It’s a terrible and frightening alchemy. “Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

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By TAO Walker, January 15, 2011 at 5:58 pm Link to this comment

“SuperMike1661” seems to think the “rightist forces” he says must be opposed (and successfully) by some “left” counter-force (lest “the world” be plunged into a perhaps permanent regime of draconian oppression of the many by a few) are a relatively recent arrival here.  On a geological time-scale maybe that’s true.  In the “historical” period, however, the run of those ‘dominance’-paradigm fanatics is pretty much, well….history itself.  This particular outbreak of the “civilization” disease process here traces to about 10 to 12 thousand years ago, and its symptomatic operational ‘dynamics’ have been the same from that Day to this.

“SuperMike1661” is quite correct, though, in his somewhat tunnel-visioned view that the “self”-obsessed retro-viral ‘entity’ generating the might-yet-be Planet-killing syndrome, with its “Concentrated Wealth” weaponry, is now well into the terminal phase of its own undead process.  The ‘thing’ must soon either subsume our whole Living Arrangement or see its death-grip begin to weaken….dwindling, rapidly, to nothing. 

Will the fever-dream enthralling the domesticated peoples ‘break’ before Earth Herownself succumbs to the depredations of the disease they’re supposed to be helping Her resist?  That’s the REAL question.

The fate of latter-day idealogues, of whatever stripe and no-matter their “self”-serving “global” ambitions (on the “right”) or their human-ist Nature-CONtrol delusions (on the “left”), is essentially a meaningless side-show.


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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 5:33 pm Link to this comment

RayLan: They blame Sarah Palin for being dumb and anti-scientific (Anti-correct). But many progressive liberals are also anti-scientific in calling them selves “leftists’. when they are reject the basci premises and theories of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and the other main founders of political socialism.

I dont know why they reject Marxism, when even Pat Robertson wrote in an article that said that God is ok with socialism, and comrade George W. Bush had to get away from the orthodox free markets to prevent a total collapse of USA


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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 5:22 pm Link to this comment

RedHorse: The US oligarchic government and its oligarchic ruling class always have a bad wolf, a Bin Laden and a Hitler to scare the masses.  But the truth is that the US government and its oligarchic fascist ruling class are now using Jared Loughner and The Tea Party as the new Bin Laden, but the real Bin Laden and enemy of USA is still the US government and the 5% oligarchic fascist class


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By REDHORSE, January 15, 2011 at 5:05 pm Link to this comment

The role played by Madison Avenue in twisting human values and shaping culture is what we in the 60’s called “plastic”. It’s a manufactured insanity that has reduced American culture, life and ideals to meaningless catch phrases. I’ve no doubt that Rove and others “tweek and spiff” techniques of psychological/emotional manipulation and a serious, lucrative, dangerous and Soul damaging industry has grown up around it. Common use of the word “spin” in TRUTHDIG posts implys an understanding of a technique, the power of which most of us underestimate, and many of us (myself included) don’t fully understand. Thanks for the clarification. Definite food for thought.

    The fight triggered inside American psychiatric organizations over the moral questions presented by the willing participation of American psychiatrists in Guantanamo/rendition torture technique and reports that Rove has been involved in/with subversion of Swedish political justice and the CIA linked Attorney for the alleged Assange rape victims confirms that though the “machine” is in place it can’t be hidden. A lie can obfuscate, twist and kill but it can’t destroy the Truth. Hence TRUTHDIG.

    Despite the fact that so many SEE THROUGH the open lie foisted upon us the question of why no unity, common platform, voice, purpose and leadership supports hope, solidarity and action is a huge. We endlessly discuss the symptoms of the disease and the obvious solution is ACTION—-but there is none. Is American Democracy so corrupted it isn’t worth fighting for or is the Soil of Freedon so thin it can no longer throw up Patriots?

    The gun toting loons at Tea Party Town Hall “shout downs” might be willing to physically fight or die for America but the voice of human moral reason isn’t in them. We’re all reeling from the Obama betrayal and the impact of social/financial disintegration, open looting of the economy and the War. This is all planned policy not chance. It is evil to knowingly and avariciously steal, lie and kill. What do we do with a moral void of this magnitude? Where do you even begin? Abandonment of hysterical kneejerk emotionalism and a reconnection to human dignity and rationality is a good place to start.

      We need to demand less RED MEAT and more factual reports on the covert manipulation of the Democratic process itself, complete with dates, Committe Chair names and Bill numbers. TRUTHDIG posters are always offering links to facts, articles and information. Fact is the shortest route to Truth. There is some part of us that doesn’t want to accept the serious state of corruption in American Political Reality and it works against us. We stay hooked on “hopium”. It’s broken. There’s no salvation there. Re-valuation of our own lives and its real relationship with those we love will provide the way to community and a way back to sanity. The trials and rewards of REAL LIFE is the best medicine. It doesn’t mean America is over, it just means we’ve all crossed a threshold into a new age. The past is dead and we’re fighting to be reborn. The power and potential of the People is fascisms greatest fear. Pull the plug on the lie.

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By SuperMike1661, January 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm Link to this comment

We are updating the list of ongoing Right Wing murders.  Post this list far and wide.  Corporation Media does not want you to know.

This latest list contains the murders of February 2010: A software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service launched a suicide attack on the agency by crashing his small plane into an office building containing nearly 200 IRS employees, setting off a raging fire, killing two. The suicide note stated, “Violence is not only the answer, it is the only answer…”

supermike1661 Version 1.1 updated on 1/15/2011

Post this list far and wide.  Corporation Media does not want you to know.

—July 2008: A gunman named Jim David Adkisson, agitated at how “liberals” are “destroying America,” walks into a Unitarian Church and opens fire, killing two churchgoers and wounding four others.

—October 2008: Two neo-Nazis are arrested in Tennessee in a plot to murder dozens of African-Americans, culminating in the assassination of President Obama.

—December 2008: A pair of “Patriot” movement radicals—the father-son team of Bruce and Joshua Turnidge, who wanted “to attack the political infrastructure”—threaten a bank in Woodburn, Oregon, with a bomb in the hopes of extorting money that would end their financial difficulties, for which they blamed the government. Instead, the bomb goes off and kills two police officers. The men eventually are convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.

—December 2008: In Belfast, Maine, police discover the makings of a nuclear “dirty bomb” in the basement of a white supremacist shot dead by his wife. The man, who was independently wealthy, reportedly was agitated about the election of President Obama and was crafting a plan to set off the bomb.

—January 2009: A white supremacist named Keith Luke embarks on a killing rampage in Brockton, Mass., raping and wounding a black woman and killing her sister, then killing a homeless man before being captured by police as he is en route to a Jewish community center.

—February 2009: A Marine named Kody Brittingham is arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate President Obama. Brittingham also collected white-supremacist material.

—April 2009: A white supremacist named Richard Poplawski opens fire on three Pittsburgh police officers who come to his house on a domestic-violence call and kills all three, because he believed President Obama intended to take away the guns of white citizens like himself.
Poplawski is currently awaiting trial.
—April 2009: Another gunman in Okaloosa County, Florida, similarly fearful of Obama’s purported gun-grabbing plans, kills two deputies when they come to arrest him in a domestic-violence matter, then is killed himself in a shootout with police.

—May 2009: A “sovereign citizen” named Scott Roeder walks into a church in Wichita, Kansas, and assassinates abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

—June 2009: A Holocaust denier and right-wing tax protester named James Von Brunn opens fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a security guard.

—February 2010: A software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service launched a suicide attack on the agency by crashing his small plane into an office building containing nearly 200 IRS employees, setting off a raging fire, killing two.  The suicide note stated, “Violence is not only the answer, it is the only answer…”

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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 15, 2011 at 11:55 am Link to this comment


They are not leftists at all, progressives give Karl Marx and socialism a bad name, they are real fascists, anti-freedom of speech and anti-socials.

What you are saying is that progressives are imposters and traitors to their class.
I agree with you since the liberal class has really become the enabler of corporate capitalist hegemony. At least that is the opinion of Chris Hedges who is the primary columnist of this site.

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 4:03 am Link to this comment

Give me 1000 Bush, 1000 Adolf Hitler, over 1 progressive liberal.

Progressive liberals in sites like truthdig and alternet and commondreams are real fascists. Americans have a real logical reason for voting for Republicans, because the real problem of USA are the progressive centrists who think that they own the left.

They are not leftists at all, progressives give Karl Marx and socialism a bad name, they are real fascists, anti-freedom of speech and anti-socials.

Progressive liberals do not even have an ideology, they hate Marx, they hate Lenin and they Trotsky so who is the main ideologist of progressive liberals? Ghandi, a crazy anti-scientific leader, and maybe the Dalai Lama

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 3:56 am Link to this comment




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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 3:49 am Link to this comment

REDHORSE: i think that Supermike is a capitalist Republican or a rockefeller democrat, i think that many bourgeoise-liberal websites like Commondreams, Alternet and others are full of capitalist right-wing Republicans or Rockefeller Reagan Democrats. They hate Marxism and a change toward a workers-government

But just sing a Butthole Surfers song that says: “I Don’t care about the FBI, I dont care about the CIA”

The CIA and FBI can rot in hell, i am not even scared of Satan !!!



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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 3:44 am Link to this comment

By SuperMike1661 Hey take it easy, you don’t have to insult my messages, my friend, i am just posting my personal thoughts on how can we save USA. You have to have a class analysis of USA, to know who your friends are and who your enemies are. And our enemies are the upper and middle class.  The only class we can count on is the lower class


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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 3:26 am Link to this comment

THE US GOVERNMENT CAN KILL A REVOLUTIONARY BUT THEY CAN’T KILL THE WHOLE SOCIALIST REVOLUTION GOING ON IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Take a look at this great socialist revolutionary rock video by Tool and Rage Against The Machine.

Maynard James Keenan, Zack De La Rocha or Tom Morello for US President, instead of the evil thieves we have in the US government


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By SuperMike1661, January 15, 2011 at 2:02 am Link to this comment


keep up the turgid prose.  no one could do for this site what you are doing.

when you copy and paste this stuff… does it hurt your wrist?

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By SuperMike1661, January 15, 2011 at 1:58 am Link to this comment


Great post!

Everybody should copy and past prosaic, turgid prose.  It breaks up the stream of thought here… decreases, radically, the chance of creating complex thoughts and analyses.

KEEP UP THE GOOD COPY AND PASTING!  Does someone pay you to attack this site?

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 1:49 am Link to this comment


I think that the biggest problem of USA is the middle class. The thing is that most Oligarchic-Republics like USA, Mexico, Europe, etc. have 3 major economic classes (Upper, Middle and Lower).  Of the 3 major classes, 2 are oppressor, exploiter, and anti-change class, and only the lower-class like low-wage workers, the homeless, the desperate americans who can’t even sleep at night because they are scared, affraid and stressed by their monthly bills, and the people who because they are so economically limited live an abnormal life, like not being able to get married, single frustrated people, the unemployed, the elderly and the americans rejected, and totally alienated from participating in the money, wealth and pleasures of America.

But like i said the upper-class like Donald Trump, Rockefellers and millionaires we all know are an oppressor class and we almost don’t have physical contact with them.  Because they are off-limits to the average joes.

However the real middle class (doctors, lawyers, small business owners and people who earn between 75,000 and 200,000 dollars a year) a year), and who drive luxury vehicles, who eat at Olive Garden, Charlies Restaurants, Luxury buffets, who go out to have fun to operas, who have economic security for the future of their children, and who enjoy perfect health, are also oppressors, an enemy class, and who might be nice people, friendly, and have social kills and are not personally angry and evil. But at the voting booth they are traitors, counter-revolutionaries, anti-socialism, anti-change, and pro-imperialism, pro-free markets, pro-zionism, and pro-wars, at elections, the middle class yuppies show their true colors by casting their evil votes for blue dog Rockefeller-capitalist-Democrats, and Rockefeller Rotshchilds, Zionist Republicans like Bush, Clinton and Obama.

So again the middle class is one of the biggest impediments that we have in the USA so that we can see a real change in America and a hope for some day to have a real Humanist, anti-war, workers people’s government, where the gold, oil and wealth of America would belong to all americans, not to the 5% oligarchic corporate fat cats.

So our only hope in USA is the lower classes and the extremely poors.  So what we should do is to create a United Socialist Front composed of poor people, low income americans, low wage workers, and the oppressed sectors alienated from participating in the wealth of America like American Indians, poor blacks, poor whites and poor illegal workers.


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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 15, 2011 at 1:47 am Link to this comment


Written by Alan Woods

In 1846 Weitling complained that the “intellectuals” Marx and Engels wrote only about obscure matters of no interest to the workers. Marx angrily responded with the following words, “Ignorance never yet helped anybody.” Marx’s response is as valid today as it was then.

The publication of the series The Class Struggle in the Roman Republic has aroused considerable interest among the readers of According to the information that has just been passed to me by the editorial staff, there has been a record number of individual visits to these articles, about 2,200 hits, which is significantly higher than the average number of visits per individual article.

Karl Marx and Friedrich EngelsThis fact confirms the correctness of the policy of, which has established a strong reputation for the quality of its theoretical articles. At a time when the ideas of Marxism are coming under attack from all sides, our website stands out for its firm and consistent defence of Marxist theory in all its manifold richness. It shows that many people all over the world are interested in theory and enthusiastic about deepening their knowledge of Marxism. has its critics, however. Some of our critics complain because we write articles about ancient Rome in the middle of the biggest crisis of capitalism since the 1930s. In fairness to ourselves, has published a very great deal on the crisis, and will continue to do so. But we also have a duty to write about other matters, to raise the level of theoretical understanding of our readers, to provide a Marxist analysis, not just of economics but of history, science, art, music and every other sphere of human activity.

How do we answer those who demand that we narrow the scope of Marxism to fit into their limited mental schema? We do not have to answer them at all, because they were answered long ago by Lenin, who wrote: Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement. That is a fundamental truth that all the great Marxists have insisted on. Let us remind ourselves of this elementary fact by a few significant examples.

No revolution without theory
Even before they wrote the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels (who, let us remember, began their revolutionary life as students of Hegelian philosophy) conducted a struggle against those “proletarian” leaders who worshipped backwardness and primitive methods of struggle and stubbornly resisted the introduction of scientific theory.

Wilhelm WeitlingThe Russian critic, Annenkov, who happened to be in Brussels during the spring of 1846, has left us a very curious report of one meeting at which a furious quarrel occurred between Marx and Weitling, the German utopian communist. At one point, Weitling, who was a worker, complained that the “intellectuals” Marx and Engels wrote about obscure matters of no interest to the workers. He accused Marx of writing “armchair analysis of doctrines far from the world of the suffering and afflicted people.” At this point, Marx, who was usually very patient, became indignant. Annenkov writes:

“At the last words Marx finally lost control of himself and thumped so hard with his fist on the table that the lamp on it rung and shook. He jumped up saying: ‘Ignorance never yet helped anybody.’” (Reminiscences of Marx and Engels, p.272, my emphasis, AW)

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By SuperMike1661, January 14, 2011 at 10:43 pm Link to this comment



Your “point, is that the confused irrational blind rage, paranoia, and sense of powerlessness that motivated the event, and drove the lunatic to strike out at a mistaken enemy, is very similar to the undefined forces fracturing the present day American psyche”.

Very good!

Now take what you say about the “undefined forces” that fracture, and understand that a sophisticated PR operation, FOX NEWS CHANNEL is one, has a complete analysis of these Forces, i.e. they ARE NOT undefined.

Once these natural Forces in the Target’s mind are defined, for example, “my culture is being polluted by immigrants”, then a Narrative can be applied to that Pollution Force that operationalizes it… makes it USEFUL for POLITICAL OPERATIONS. 

A Narrative line might be, “they are destroying the Concept of Christmas”.

As I drive this Narrative over the years, I condition the anger that is ALREADY in the Target’s mind. I CONDITION it so that this anger can be CONNECTED to OTHER Forces that ARE NOT in the Target’s mind… “Obama” for instance.

Obama is an Immigrant… ergo, Obama is “destroying” Christmas.

In this way I take natural, free floating anger, and shape and direct it.

^^^^^^The problem with this technique is that occasionally the disturbed gunman who is ultra-sensitive WILL BE DRIVEN OVER THE TOP TO MURDER. This is understood and accepted by the PR practitioner… these are “acceptable losses”.^^^^^^

A complete analysis of the Anger Forces for the United States Right Wing will cost a few hundred thousand dollars, and needs to be updated Quarterly via subscription. A top-of-the-line expert on the American middle class, Frank Luntz for example, will charge a Million.

This is what you are up against…. no chaos… STATISTICALLY ANALYZED FOCUS GROUPS WITH plus or minus 5 percent accuracy.

keep on blogging… your grandchild will be asking you what you DID for her when she was in grade school…. before they made her carry her permanent GPS smart phone for HER counter-terrorism safety.

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By REDHORSE, January 14, 2011 at 9:52 pm Link to this comment

That propagandist cash plays a huge role in hate speech, and that those able to exploit the Tucson Tragedy for their own ends will, is a given. I doubt some organized dark force was behind the event “wet” or otherwise. The shooter, though I’m sure emotional political extremist rant was part of his tangled motive, was nuts. My point, is that the confused irrational blind rage, paranoia, and sense of powerlessness that motivated the event, and drove the lunatic to strike out at a mistaken enemy, is very similar to the undefined forces fracturing the present day American psyche.

      The criminal Right (Bush-Rove-Obama-Clinton-“the gold sacks boys”) has/have so violated human moral reason and sane codes of political and social conduct it can no longer allow truthful discourse (poor Assange and Manning). It has been forced to resurrect and exploit the worst aspects of American bigotry, fear, prejudice, shout down and superstition. Truthful discourse is its greatest enemy. Ever see O’Reilly when confronted with the truth begin to scream “shut up” over and over again. When 300,000,000 people plus live inside an open lie something has to give. It’s crazy making.

      The sense of powerlessness and rage we feel as we experience the disintegration and destruction of our Nation at the hands of seeming psychopaths is soul and mind numbing. Journalist openly admit that they often feed us “Red Meat” rather than substance. We begin to project supernatural powers on and see paranoid conspiracy everywhere. The powerful emotion of addictive rage balms our real fear and concern. In reality our enemy is the criminal actions of a few and our refusal to stand up for ourselves, human rights, and dignity, both at home and abroad.

    TRUTHDIG is a discussion board not a political platform. We posters take ourselves a little to seriously sometimes but once in a while someone rings the bell. We may not have the cure but we do (together) keep the wound fresh.

    Let it bleed.

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By SuperMike1661, January 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm Link to this comment

REDHORSE, January 14 at 10:46 pm

When you state that, “The Tucson Tragedy represented the irrational chaotic forces Rovian/Fascist manipulation” you probably have missed the big picture. You are observing, without domain expertise I believe, standard PR concepts.

These are not chaotic forces. The Funders of the huge Corporatist PR operation, which includes ownership of old and new media, is fully coherent. We can easily track the Business Processes that their experts deploy… rational and proven “advertising systems”.

As I have said, the Positional Propaganda Game has stabilized.  Glenn, Sarah and Rush are now pushed back on their heels, and will temporarily moderate.

HOWEVER, The Right and its funders, from Saudi Princes to Goldman-GE, are now ADDICTED to the political gains that they made in the last cycle by Incitement to Murder.  Because The Right’s funders are experiencing an ever-shrinking Base (white people mostly), they MUST continue to aggressively incite their shrinking forces. THIS MEANS MORE MURDERS… A CONTINUATION OF THE SLAUGHTER THAT BEGAN VIA THEIR INCITEMENT IN 2008.

For the long run, the next ten years, Progressive Forces in the West will have to tolerate these Wet Operations until we can reorganize our forces and push Corporatist Power into the political gutter.  This will be a race to the finish: Can they enslave us, re 1984, before we contain their enormous power to enslave and murder?

If THEY WIN we can look forward to Centuries of dark enslavement re George Orwell…maybe Millennia.

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By chip, January 14, 2011 at 5:49 pm Link to this comment

Vat tax, flat tax, fair tax,  all are the rich folks
wettest dream.
Remember Steve Forbes?

We need to tax those hedge funds that only pay 15%

Not have a sales tax that makes the poor pay the same as those wall street rapist’s.

Now try to spin that, lafayette and felicity.

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By REDHORSE, January 14, 2011 at 5:46 pm Link to this comment

Covert F.B.I. infiltration of anti-war organizations and the seeming open collusion of the American MSM, to deny coverage, or “spin” political dissent in favor of pro-war factions, represent only two aspects of the open war on American Conscience, by a proligate Washington. It represents power for the sake of power and profit, but holds no moral currency and must rely on manipulation, lie, threat and fear. Despite vows of Christian values Washingtons is a Golden Calf spirituality. Their corruption has destroyed their viability. Where does that leave us?

    My conclusion, drawn from TRUTHDIG articles and posts, is that “the Vote” no longer represents a “Common Ground” either for discussion or political action. The total moral collapse of American political leadership makes all citizen action a personal moral decision. Most posters here acknowledge that there is little difference between “Parties”. Disgust at avaricious greed and for profit murder doesn’t make one “Left” or “Right” it makes one a Human Being. For all practical purpose our political system has collapsed. The Tucson Tragedy represented the irrational chaotic forces Rovian/Fascist manipulation has set loose in American consciousness. For the citizen, it seems, there is no social/communal moral center outside the individual, and many individuals are bat shit crazy.

    In the 60’s common belief in human dignity, work, education, disgust at for profit war, human rights and equality gave voice to leadership and provided a compass for moral action. The leadership was openly murdered. Today race, finance, religious belief,class, sex and community are “politically correct” weapons that shatter unity and allow control of the National dialogue. It’s a Tower of Babel. The American psyche is fractured, perhaps beyond repair.

      The fact that Boehner now holds the House is clear proof that high emotion, red meat journalism and intellectual rage and wit, isn’t action and organization. Americans are frozen inside a political/moral void. I think they’d like to act, Obama exploited that desire. Until we define this landscape we’re lost. The one thing I’m sure of is that we’re on our on. The good news is:We’ve been here before.

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By Michael Cavlan RN, January 14, 2011 at 5:23 pm Link to this comment

As an aside and just my opinion now but…..

Time to ignore those who talk and bloviate. Some could very well be paid
operatives of the corporations and of the political system that they own.

I will go public with my thoughts on this one.

This includes ChavistaKing..

The reason I say this? His almost cartoonish characterization of leftist thinking.
The vast majority of real leftists I know are far more discerning than him.. Not to
mention the issues of the multiple splinter groups of the left.. Something which
I have no time for BTW..

I could be wrong and would be happy to be proven wrong but my gut sends up
too many red flags (no pun intended)

It seems that every time that discussion on organizing begins, there is
Chavista. With his cartoonish explaining his “left” position.. Which ends up
being a Rage Against The Machine song.

Any thoughts you guys?

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By Michael Cavlan RN, January 14, 2011 at 5:16 pm Link to this comment

David Cyr
Red Horse

People who IMHO seem committed to building and organizing a real response
to the current corporate system.

So, to those folks and people who are also interested in doing more than just
bloviating hot air, philosophical discussions on the blog-o-sphere.

SuperMike, you made the comment about paid corporate bloggers coming and
attacking here. Could not agree more. I will point out that they can come and
disrupt with meaningless chatter as well. Including paid operatives from the
rotten, corporate corrupted one party system of our pseudo democracy.

So, having said all of that.. Put my cards on the table, so to speak.

What do we DO now?

Let us start that discussion. Including SuperMike just how to reach out to he
anti-corporate forces on the so called right. No more divide and conquer.

Let us remember that the big money on the so called left is George Soros and
his Goldman Sachs connection. On the so called right it is Dick Army, Rupert
Murdoch and the Koch Brothers..

I am ready, willing and able.. How about you all?

First thing IMHO is building a serious communication network. To reach out to
ordinary people.

I have dubbed it the need for a brass microphone. To first expose the golden
microphone and then start to REALLY inform the American people..

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By SuperMike1661, January 14, 2011 at 5:04 pm Link to this comment


In normal times, pre-globalization times, I would agree with you.  Presently however, we are engaged in Resisting the permanent suppression of the people by Technologically Empowered Elites who seek only to enhance their wealth and position in a resource-depleting world.

Once the Funders of Rightest power in the United States have achieved their goal of legal ownership of the Planet, we can expect NO MERCY from them. Saudi Princes and Goldman-GE have only ONE OBJECTIVE: Never Ending Enhancement of Command and Control.

I do not expect you to overcome your 19th Century philosophy to become active in this fight, but at least you can KNOW what we believe the fight is about.  We are peaceable people, but we are being slaughtered. The continuing MURDERS OF Progressive people has already begun (did I document that here?). These ongoing murders are the Funder’s signal that they have set no limits to this final battle for Global Control.  We believe that we can push this Corporate power into the political gutter without letting blood as they do… Tuscon being only their most recent Wet Operation. 

Good Luck to You.

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By felicity, January 14, 2011 at 12:59 pm Link to this comment

SuperMike - I was supporting Lafayette’s point. 
Government’s primary responsibility is to do for us
what we cannot do for ourselves, like create and
provide for a private fire, police etc. department.
More to the point you have made, taxes levied to favor
the wealthy are a misuse of taxes and point to an
irresponsible government.

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David J. Cyr's avatar

By David J. Cyr, January 14, 2011 at 12:18 am Link to this comment

QUOTE (Maani):

“Consider.  If even half of the ‘principled’ liberals had done as you suggest, and actually VOTED their principles (i.e., not for Obama or McCain), it would simply have taken votes from Obama, thus possibly (even probably) allowing McCain to win.”

If half the 2008 voting liberals had had antiwar principles, then antiwar candidates would have received 27.14% of the popular vote, instead of only 0.68%. If 27.14% of the participating American electorate had voted against war that would have been a truly “historic” event; an event actually worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize… awarded to worthy antiwar voters, rather than an unworthy resource war waging Democrat Commander-In-Chief. If 27.14% of the American popular vote had been cast for anti-war candidates it would have shook the world. That would have been a political earthquake that could have provided some real change actually worth voting for.

There’s no need to speculate about halves. All of the liberals did vote their principles.

People with good principles voted, but not for either of the corporate party’s candidates; or they refused to vote at all. The liberals, with their flawed, foul and evil principles chose to strongly support the fascist they love.

The corporate (R) & (D) party is sociopathic. It’s a party of, by and for sociopaths. That being the case, I had absolutely no expectation of any good coming from Democrat Obama’s installation, and he has fulfilled all my expectations.

Liberal advocates of “lesser-evil” voting ignore real world empirical evidence, so their liberal faith-based beliefs persist regardless of how many times they prove themselves wrong. That begs the question: Are “educated” liberals incapable of critical thinking, or are they all always just pretending to be — how they say — cognitively impaired?

It’s a most peculiar set of “principles” and “logic” that liberals have, which habitually compels them to vote for far more of the evil they’ve said they opposed… and then claim that they’ve lessened the evil that they have so obviously made greater.

The corporate party’s Republican candidates appeal to people’s basest instincts, to attract the voters who crave war. The corporate party’s Democrats appeal to people’s better instincts, to seduce those who don’t desire war into providing popular mandates for more wars to be waged.

The greatest evil is the devious evil.

The ever devious dishonest liberals have proved themselves to be far more evil than openly retrograde conservatives could ever hope to be.

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By BrianW, January 13, 2011 at 6:59 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The USA now has its Tony Blair. He of the Labour Party, that noble institution built
on the unions’ fight for fair treatment of the workforce by rapacious mine and mill
owners. The institution that was miraculously swept away overnight by smart-
talking business types in nice suits. If anyone saw Blair sweating and quaking as
he announced Britain’s support of the Iraq invasion, even he was not prepared for
what was to come. Obama? Either he hid his colours well before he was elected, or he’s having to try desperately hiding them now. USA, UK, EU – I think it’s clear that democracy in the West is now a mere figment of the spin-doctors’ wildest fantasies.

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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm Link to this comment

Beware liberal impersonators, leftist imposters.

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By ELien, January 13, 2011 at 4:48 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

hmmm lets see,  who profited from the crisis.  Would it be possible there is something in common with the media?  (hint, ownership?)

Are you, right here and now, repeating the same sin?

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 3:41 pm Link to this comment

Chief REDHORSE speak great truth to Crazy Leftists…

Yet… we need to coalesce a coherent set of ideas VERY QUICKLY.  We cannot unite an anti-corporatist party (or any kind of party) without ideology.

Parties need ideology first. The Republicsn Party probably had its real birth when Lincoln spoke at Copper Union in New York. There he set out the party’s anti-slavery principals AND also made himself the logical person to lead. But the IDEAS came first.

Strategically and quickly, we also probably need to embrace or reject the concept that there are useful allies on the Right who fear the forces of global consolidated wealth more than we do.

REDHORSE needs to help with this work…quickly!

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By REDHORSE, January 13, 2011 at 2:57 pm Link to this comment

Political voice and leadership spring from a platform of unified consciousness and common political ground. It doesn’t exist in the so called American Left. High emotion, paranoia and the magical belief that a savior will suddenly appear is childish. That type of maudlin sentimentality gave us President Obama? Real American political change still requires the bloody nose organizing it always has. And, there are fighters out there, infiltrated, listed, vulnerable and alone. Much maligned as they are, our founding fathers wouldn’t be standing on the sidelines.

    During this past election swollen toad “spite voters” on TRUTHDIG refused too and argued against even casting a vote. Wasted vote or not, the Boehner thugs run 24/7 and the Pelosi Democrats wouldn’t be leading us toward the dark social disintegration now falling. The possibility of a National discussion of Campaign Finance Reform (the real issue of our times) carried some possibility. How far away is it now?

    The “tax” issue and every other sane approach or possible solution to the American catastrophe is mute because, as the title of this article plainly states: PERPS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Do you think it’s hyperbole?

      The American Left is disorganized, afraid, irresponsible and childish. It “chokes on a gnat and swallows a camel whole”. Human reason, dignity, social conscience, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Truth, Justice (name it) are under assault and up for sale to the highest bidder in Washington. So is your life and your childs future. A real New Age has dawned and the best American men and minds paralyzed by fear of their own power and responsibility refuse to act.

      Get off the playground.

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 2:51 pm Link to this comment


“Taxes” is not the fundamental issue.  It is only the issue that they found “Polls Well” in your demographic. MONEY is the fundamental issue.

Who is currently walking away with pots of gold, and WHO IS NOT?

Start anywhere with your question. Example: Why does the New York Stock Exchange raise Billions of USD each month for large institutions in the PRC?

Or why does the City of Chicago sell rights to its parking meters to Arab Princes for the next 75 years? 

Keep, keep, KEEP asking questions about the MONEY.

Tax example: Why did the Congress vote to give hugely wealthy Americans reduced taxes on income, and NOT incentivize them to invest in American jobs? (they are busy investing in the PRC)

Do you see?  This is the ONLY CONSTANT throughout history… WHO IS GETTING RICH AND WHO IS GETTING POOR.

If you ask enough questions like this, your head will suddenly start working… and you will be ANGRY at what your ex-friends have done to you.

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By felicity, January 13, 2011 at 2:10 pm Link to this comment

Lafayette - Finally someone mentions/admits the
necessity of taxes.  Thanks.  Bush added on to Reagan’s
great revenue suck so between them they sucked $2 1/2
trillion out of the fed budget.  And Bush is
waging/funding two wars in the mean time - wars are and
always have been the primary reason a government
imposes taxes on the populace - ?  Brilliant. No wonder
the Bush has such a sorry history of failed business
ventures. Arithmetic, obviously, is not his strong

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By credible, January 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm Link to this comment

The puppet’s master has decided to step in… Any person who guesses at Obama’s reasons for appointing his master to a perch above all will be robed of their time.

  We watch as it unfolds with no recourse.  The great uniter,,the shnook of shnooks is at the helm.

  Our country will go to hell in Bill Daley’s handbasket.

  Many will get to meet Bill’s master there.

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 12:20 pm Link to this comment

Well tomack, if you “noted an historical truth” without embracing it, then we can be friends.

However if you actually think that your child’s competition with some slave worker in western China who is paid 22 cents per hour is just the same old historical crap… then we might have something to discuss.

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By tomack, January 13, 2011 at 11:41 am Link to this comment

I made no such error. You just don’t read so good. I embraced nothing; I noted an historical truth.

This globalization process, as you call it, is NOT one of a kind and you are either ignorant of human history or too naive in a comtemporary fashion to see beyond today’s headlines and the one book you source. This SHIT has always been going on, the only difference is that the “globe”, aka civilization, was smaller then. Same game, smaller ball.

As to your closing, you need point out nothing that we—generaly the people reading these posts—do not already understand. And what makes you think the next catastrophy is any more relevant than all the rest of history’s catastrophies. Because it’s happening to you? To Me? Tell that to the gazillions of poor schmucks who took the pipe these past 10,000 years. That aside, I have a little more hope left in me to be so fatalistic. 

You talk like a bad advertisement for some B 1950’s sci-fi flick. And you shouldn’t presume to understand what a total stranger embraces or does not embrace. READ.

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 11:24 am Link to this comment

tomack makes an error so serious that it is hard to comprehend.  He fatalistically embraces an “elite that ALWAYS wins” but which is later shrugged off.  But this is not the case now.

The Globalization Process that we are enduring now, is a ONE OF A KIND process that will end with a microscopic elite that can monitor all people all of the time. This kind of controlling power was only glimpsed in the book, 1984.  We are almost certainly at the edge of a dark age that extends into a distant, gloomy future.  Or is tomack willing to risk this greatest of all human catastrophes?

tomack, you need to focus harder on what is happening.  There IS something new under the sun, and it is the permanent servitude of your children’s children under the easily IDENTIFIABLE consolidators of global wealth and power.

Do I need to now point out who these people are, or do you fail to note the Corporatist muscle power displayed to you each AND EVERY day?

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By tomack, January 13, 2011 at 11:02 am Link to this comment

Since the dawn of recorded history, and based on human behaviour I suspect long before that, the powerful, the moneyed, the elite, the blooded, and the greedy, self-loathing type A’s, have ALWAYS prevailed—and always on the backs of you and me, the common people. The drones, the workers, the plebes, the builders, farmers, thinkers, and the teachers (just to name a few) have always been too busy LIVING to do much about it. And once in a very great while a Workers government takes over (to your point, Chavista) only to see the same thing happen again, and again, and again.

Our nature is not ready yet. We are still too pathetically Human to make positive emotional change in any way other than at a snails pace. We are improving, yes, but so very slowly. I only hope we change enough in time for Nature to still welcome us.

Our government is basically the same, right, left, or middle, but I believe with all of my heart that Left is slightly better than right because at it’s core—at my core—the capacity for empathy is greater; looking out for the downtrodden is a bit more of a priority. And as Casey Stengel once said, “You got to play the percentages.”

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 10:24 am Link to this comment

Also allow me to point out that, if our objective over the next few years is to unite anti-corporatist forces of the Left and Right… then Obama’s reelection in 2012 becomes quite insignificant.

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 10:08 am Link to this comment

Unless Americans are prepared to start an armed revolution, which they are not yet, we need to desperately scramble to unite the anti-corporate forces of the Left and Right.  However, since the Corporate Opposition owns the press AND conducts wide ranging Interference Operations on the web, how can this be done?

I personally know for a certainty that this post that you are reading can be attacked by paid corporatist bloggers within the hour.


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By Maani, January 13, 2011 at 9:48 am Link to this comment


“The Obama voters voted for McCain/Palin policies to be liberally executed.  That’s because ‘progressive’ liberals insist that every evil must be well done. Liberals are the greater evil, because they ensure that evil always wins. Whenever liberals GOTV in elections, elections are wasted. The potential for elections to have served a good purpose was wasted by the never capable of actually reasoning liberals, who by their relentless ‘wasted vote’ campaign succeeded in persuading good people that votes for evil candidates were the only votes worth casting… and counting.”

I admire the fierceness of your principles, and, for the most part, share them.  However, you still seem to be missing the point.

Absent a true “sea change” that would find the vast number of “liberals” (and, for the record, independents) voting for a third-party or otherwise independent candidate, incremental change will cause evil to win anyway.  Consider.  If even half of the “principled” liberals had done as you suggest, and actually VOTED their principles (i.e., not for Obama or McCain), it would simply have taken votes from Obama, thus possibly (even probably) allowing McCain to win.

Can you honestly argue that the “evil” under Obama/Biden is as bad as the “evil” we would have seen under McCain/Palin?  Are you suggesting that McCain would have done as much GOOD as Obama has done - even if he has done less good than we might have hoped for?

Unless and until you can find a way to guarantee that “principled” votes will not potentially or actually cause the worse of the two “major party” candidates to win - i.e., for even GREATER “evil” to be perpetrated on the American people - “the lesser of two evils” is what we have, particularly in the most recent election.

As an aside, give me a straight answer: would you rather have seen McCain/Palin win, and do you relaly believe that they would have been no worse than Obama/Biden?


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mack894's avatar

By mack894, January 13, 2011 at 7:24 am Link to this comment

Unless you are an amazingly strong leader who comes into office endowed with
a vision and a plan, you will be contained and managed.  Pres Obama acts like
someone who is being allowed the presidency, but with conditions. It’s clear he
enjoys being president, enough so that he will concede and compromise
himself through the term as a way to get a second term. He is now so far from
the platform he ran on there is no chance he’ll return to it. 

You don’t keep hiring the gatekeepers of the Corporatocracy if you plan to defy
them.  Do you think Bill Daley was hired simply because of his office
management skills?  There is no more influential person in proximity to the
president than chief of staff who must interpret events and duties and, through
his filter, either prioritize or deny them for the president. On a chess board, the
chief of staff would be equivalent to a Queen who has the most power of
movement and ability to protect the King from attack. (Someone tell me if this
analogy is off base.)  All of Obama’s crew are corporate, centrist,
nonprogressive chess pieces.

Then there is Elizabeth Warren who is in the process of forever building a
Consumer Finance Protection Agency.  We all can remember that Obama
dragged his feet on this one because the friends of banks did not want her
appointed, viewing her as almost as bad as Nader. I recently learned that this
agency nearly died from his neglect until she confronted him about it. Still, he
didn’t appoint her as the clear head but only as the builder. Even with health
care, Obama was content to modify it so that it only guaranteed health care for
children—Pelosi called it “kiddie care” and refused it in that form. It’s actually
Pelosi we have to thank for any scrap of value in that bill which I refuse to label
reform.  We now know that neither prescription drug costs nor a public option
was ever truly on the table. And good old HAMP proved to be a tactic for
helping banks lure shaky homeowners into foreclosure more quickly with them
being told they could pay a reduced mortgage that by means of “lost papers”
stretched out the process long enough to declare them in default, add huge late
fees, and foreclose.

Reasons for voting for Obama are declining.  Both the democrats and the
president constantly complain that they don’t have the power to implement
anything, , so what is their purpose?  If they are so limited, why vote for them?

Representative Giffords, before her injury, has been quoted as saying that she
wanted to get together with a colleague to find ways to dilute partisanship and
promote “centrism.”  Centrism is non progressive and more conservative;
centrists value compromise and trade-offs so as to avoid battles with the other
party.  Diluting partisanship reduces distinction between the two parties. I
guess that was in a memo that unfortunately wikileaks was not able to snatch
and share with the rest of us.

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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 13, 2011 at 5:16 am Link to this comment

“Do you think that is it possible for a socialist workers party to rise to the US government thru presidential elections in our life time?”
No. You’re talking of an essentially different America which currently has uncritically identified democracy with free enterprise capitalism. A socialist labor controlled democracy represents a 180 flip that could not happen in anybody’s life time alive today.

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 4:11 am Link to this comment


One can not even discuss Workers Parties openly in the United States without Paid Propagandists of Huge Money relentlessly attacking. For example there are at least 2 paid Black Posters on Truthdig at this time. They are equipped with sophisticated research by their employers, and they never give up because their employer simply hires a new blogger if the old one flags.

These Black Posters are charged with preventing a Sustained Anti-Establishment Political Narrative from forming here.

No. The Left can not presently organize in the United States because of sophisticated and hugely funded Disinformation Operations that constantly run against it.

Call me paranoid… except my company performs strategic analysis for such operations.

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 13, 2011 at 3:34 am Link to this comment

I have a question for all here: Do you think that is it possible for a socialist workers party to rise to the US government thru presidential elections in our life time? And once in power would they be able to reform the US constitution into a Socialist Constitution, and using the police and military powers of the US government to expropiate and nationalize under workers-control the corporations of the 5% oligarchic ruling class?


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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 13, 2011 at 3:25 am Link to this comment

By Michael Cavlan RN, January 13 at 7:30 am Link to this comment

I think that are left-gatekeeper websites, they are not real leftists, marxists news sites. Alexander Cockburn from Counterpunch is even an elitist, like most bourgeoise rich leftist intellectuals who never mingle with the homeless, prisoners and the poors, he has these “Blame the poor people” tactics in his articles.  I think that Truthdig is a lot better than those sites.  Those bourgeoise progressive sites are too elitists, and too anti-freedom of speech.


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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 13, 2011 at 3:11 am Link to this comment

A loaded question- a question-begging question - lumping all those names together - what is ‘welfare capitalism’?
The word welfare is already politcally biased.
The Scandinavian countries are socialist democracies. Socialism is relative - and allows for private capital. It can hardly be defined as ‘welfare’ capitalism.
Welfare capitalism is baling out banks and big corps, while allowing the perps to get off scott free.

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ChaviztaKing's avatar

By ChaviztaKing, January 13, 2011 at 3:06 am Link to this comment

Dear friends: I have a question: are progressive liberal thinkers like Michael Parenti, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Paul Krugman, Normon Solomon and Chris Hedges Marxists, Leninists, Trotskists and real socialists? Or are they in favor of a welfare capitalism with a human face, like the welfare capitalism of Norway?

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By SuperMike1661, January 13, 2011 at 2:36 am Link to this comment


I do not agree that we should only tax income. WE SHOULD TAX WEALTH.

The citizens create the environment that allows Goldman Sachs Salesmen to knock down 50 Million USD bonuses each year.  I want some of that back.

Why is only income taxed??

If money is free speech, then I want to know how much speech my rich boss currently has.  I DO NOT want my rich boss secretly out-talking me, and thus controlling the Market for Ideas… as he currently controls other markets.  By taxing his wealth, I exert REASONABLE CONTROL over his ability to manipulate the political environment.

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By Michael Cavlan RN, January 13, 2011 at 2:30 am Link to this comment

Would love to report it on Common Dreams and Op Ed News but, oh yeah.

I am banned from posting there.

They are just as useless and controlled as the corporate media

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By Michael Cavlan RN, January 13, 2011 at 2:26 am Link to this comment


The FBI has been spying on peace groups in Minnesota for over two years..

It has just been exposed that FBI agent Karen Sullivan infiltrated and spied on the
Anti-War Committee and Women Against Military Madness since 2008.

These groups are under a Special Jury investigation. Under direct orders from
Attorney General Eric Holder and full authorization of president Barack Oily-

Local and national corporate media (not to mention “progressive sites”) are silent..

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Lafayette's avatar

By Lafayette, January 13, 2011 at 1:21 am Link to this comment

I bet we see a vat tax out of obama yet.

Let’s hope so.

A value-added-tax is a means of collecting tax revenues that is highly efficient. It is a tax on each production stage of a product. As regards services, that staged process is very short since we are a services oriented economy.

The tax is paid and then reimbursed to each “manufacturer” in the process up to and including the the retailer who finally charges it to customers. So, it is a “sales tax” and not a “business tax”. (A national VAT would therefore need to share revenues with the states.)

Moreover, unlike a tax on income, it is far less volatile. Consumption continues in hard times, perhaps not as much, but any reduction in revenues from a consumption tax does not have the deepness in the reduction from income tax (due to high employment).

Which is goodness for a budget in chronic deficit such as ours is.

Taxes are an essential part of any modern economy. Not wanting them or avoiding them is just plain nonsense. Establishing taxes that pay for what a government should be doing is goodness as well.

Thus the debate does not devolve to “taxes or no taxes”. It devolves to “where should the government be spending the money”. That debate is far more crucial than useless blather about “too many taxes”.

Americans have the privilege of living in one of the least taxed developed countries in the world. (See here, personal taxation in green.)

Increased tax revenues (at the higher levels) is the only way to level the playing field towards a policy of Income Fairness—which is so dearly lacking in the richest country on earth.


And putting income tax revenues back to the 70% range (which existed before Reckless Ronnie took office= as well as reducing tax loopholes would provide sufficient revenues to balance a budget.

Were the will to do so be there; which is not the case because Americans, in a rage of collective idiocy, elected a Replicant House of Representative.

We shot ourselves in the foot in the last mid-term elections. So why complain if Uncle Sam is limping?


Higher marginal taxation would be an effective remedy for the sort of idiotic behaviour that was conducted both on Wall & Main Streets. We are fixated on wealth accumulation, which is our Achilles Heel.

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By chip, January 13, 2011 at 12:32 am Link to this comment

It’s sad that they don’t even have to attempt to hide the fact they are bought and sold puppets.

There was a day when folks wouldn’t have stood for it.

Now folks sit home while they bail the wall street crooks out, Then get out and protest the money to rebuild our streets and bridges.

I guess the “news” really keeps the sheep in line.

I guess “flat” tax did’nt go over so well so we get “fair” tax. Watch it get overwhelming support.  IDIOTS

I bet we see a vat tax out of obama yet.
They will point to England while not mentioning the fact they get free health care there.

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By Textynn, January 12, 2011 at 9:44 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I couldn’t agree more with everything written here.  I, for one, will not be voting for Obama. It is plain to see that his promises to the working people of this nation was nothing more than “campaign jargon” and he has shown himself to be nothing but a bait and switch expert openly flaunting his new status with the elite in the faces of those that sent in contributions, worked for his campaign, and manned the Internet on all fronts, etc, etc.

Obviously, Obama believes his new friends are all he needs and I believe he is pretty much right as things stand now. The elite and the controlled and worthless MSM have been allowed to call the winners of elections for a very long time now. Obama’s behavior shows that his base is nothing but a forgotten memory like a gigolo’s last mark.

While it may be true that the Progressive and working people voters have nowhere to go, I will not vote for either of the two elite serving parties, Dems or Repubs.

Even if my vote is a “waste” going to a third party it is a least a stance against open oppression and indifferent duping, and the exercise of pretending we have a democracy.

Who is our candidate Progressives?  We must find him or her now. I refuse to vote for someone who has played the American voters as Obama has and all for the service of those that have fraudulently destroyed this country and committed the biggest robbery in the history of mankind. I absolutely REFUSE.

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By TAO Walker, January 12, 2011 at 8:16 pm Link to this comment

Robert Scheer’s naivete is every-bit as phenomenal as it has to be feigned.  He’s hardly alone in that paralyzing bi-polarism here, either.  Those “folks” aren’t being “rewarded” with VIP spots in “(y)our government.”  As “Miko” notes below, “these folks” ARE your government….which is to say they have a “legal” monopoly on the application of armed violence to “problems” arising in the socio/eCONo/political realm.

There are no “good cops,” anymore, now that all the Peace Officers have been displaced by “law enforcement personnel.”


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By drewzifer, January 12, 2011 at 7:44 pm Link to this comment












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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 12, 2011 at 7:40 pm Link to this comment

Of course Obama’s advisors changed after he was elected - their political and corporate affiliations were not much different than Clinton’s. I wanted to block the entry of McCain who I considered to be a dangerous asshole a known quantity to avoid.

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By Ed, January 12, 2011 at 6:17 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Won’t You Stay Home, Bill Daley? by Ed Ciaccio
(to the tune of “Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey?“)

Won’t you stay home, Bill Daley, won’t you stay home?
Or we’ll moan for decades long.
You’ll help your banker friends take more of our dough;
We know you’ll do us wrong.
Remember no banks are ever too big to fail;
They cheat us out of house and home.
Big banks are to blame
But won’t feel ashamed;
Bill Daley, won’t you please stay home?

(Brassy Chicago jazz instrumental interlude accompanied by sounds of MANY clinking coins)

Won’t you stay home, Bill Daley, won’t you stay home?
Or we’ll moan for decades long.
You’ll help your banker friends take more of our dough;
We know you’ll do us wrong.
Remember no banks are ever too big to fail;
They cheat us out of house and home.
Big banks are to blame
But won’t feel ashamed;
Bill Daley, won’t you please stay home?

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By REDHORSE, January 12, 2011 at 3:56 pm Link to this comment

Good article. The “who, what, where, when and why” was all there. Blatent D.C. thuggery continues and the multi-millionaires pictured and written about don’t give a fig about Mr. Scheer, Mr. Nader or our distant howls.

    FAT FRED consistently outlines what he sees as fraud and asks where the prosecutions are? Obama is a “fixer” in the best Chicago political style. It would serve us all to accept and get over the reality. If it lies like a thug and steals like a thug it’s a thug. Self righteous shock and indignation no longer serves. We need a new dialogue.

    TMURPHY41 and others hint at the actual reality. Criminal International Black Market Finance has subsumed the World economy and the destiny of Nations. Doubt it? As FAT FREDDY asks: Where are the prosecutions?  Unregulated Corporate Fascist Finance has used revolving door politics to install a corrupt interface of political hacks and it has bound so called “American Democracy” hand and foot. You can shout and wiggle but you can’t stand.

    The jaundiced view DJCYR expresses toward those who think of themselves as “Left”,“Liberal”,“Democrat” or “Progressive” is justified. There is no leadership to voice legitimate concern because there is no unified American common ground upon which it can stand. Besides, words like “Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative/Left/Right” no longer apply to American political reality. The ROVIAN/MSM fear machine runs day and night and we feed it with our own paranoia and rage which allows us to paint the avaricious moral cripples in Washington with supernatural powers letting us all feel good about doing nothing. Ours is a realm of half-adults.

    It is obvious that the smokescreen of fear, obfuscation and shout down is there to stifle reason. Only the insane fiddle when Rome burns. And they’re not even good at it. Major Campaign Finance Reform and the removal of a “for sale” legislature is the obvious first step in returning human reason to Washington. Otherwise:Burn!!

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By Sol, January 12, 2011 at 3:54 pm Link to this comment

Gosh this President should stay in history as the ‘Cameleon’ - what a damn fake this guy is. Quite disturbing. There is only one worse thing to happen now, which is Sarah Pallin becoming the next President of the US. I think I will move to the Amazon rain forest if that happens.

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By gerard, January 12, 2011 at 2:47 pm Link to this comment

Quote of the week:  “The corporate state wouldn’t allow elections if the liberals didn’t force the “ignorant” fools to vote for Republicans, and the conservatives didn’t force the “intelligent” fools to vote for Democrats.”—David Cyr’s comment above.Jan. 12, 5:48

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By felicity, January 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm Link to this comment

I don’t know but I think I’d hire a former member of
the Mafia to learn how to take the Mafia down - and
it’s no stretch to equate Wall Street with the Mafia. 
Obama has proven to be, practically above everything
else, a confirmed pragmatist.

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David J. Cyr's avatar

By David J. Cyr, January 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm Link to this comment

QUOTE (Maani):

In my opinion, the GREATER “potential good” was making absolutely certain that McCain and Palin did not win.  Every other concern or “potential good” was secondary.


The Obama voters voted for McCain/Palin policies to be liberally executed.

That’s because “progressive” liberals insist that every evil must be well done.

Liberals are the greater evil, because they ensure that evil always wins.

Whenever liberals GOTV in elections, elections are wasted.

The potential for elections to have served a good purpose was wasted by the never capable of actually reasoning liberals, who by their relentless “wasted vote” campaign succeeded in persuading good people that votes for evil candidates were the only votes worth casting… and counting.

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By madisolation, January 12, 2011 at 2:23 pm Link to this comment

“The tactic will not work nearly as well for him because, thanks to the financial mess that Clinton enabled and Obama inherited, it will be difficult to paper over the deep problems in this country with easy credit and centrist-sounding policy nostrums.”
“If the economy remains in the sorry state that the Fed predicts for the next two years, Obama will not be re-elected, no matter how much money he is able to raise from his newest best friends on Wall Street.”
And I say Thank the Lord if both those things happen. A megalomaniac/narcissist who has this level of trust and support is the most dangerous man on earth. Circumstances must bring him down in order for the people to turn their backs on him. I think it will happen, but I fear it will be a race between Obama’s desire to dictate and the people’s awareness of who Obama really is.

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By berniem, January 12, 2011 at 2:23 pm Link to this comment

The corporatocracy rules all! Joe Wilson was correct albeit for purely partisan reasons with his “You lie” outburst. Obama lied to us merely to get elected and to “Bamboozle”(credit to Spike Lee) African Americans into believing that their time had finally arrived. Obama is of the corporatocracy and will bend to any demand made by the oligarchs and plutocrats bent on raping and pillaging the US economy until all that remains is a wasteland from which they will migrate to more fertile locales. Of course one hears no outrage from the corporate owned, complicit press who deal only in fluff, political theatre, sensationalism, and gossip. There no longer is a “free” press or a government, large or small, that represents the people who elect the elitist prostitutes who are themselves members in good standing of the corrupt system! If your not rich and connected don’t even bother to try to get on a ballot for any office of more than symbolic import. Sadly, I truly believe that any change we see in this country’s future will be negative for those of us out of the money.

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By Maani, January 12, 2011 at 1:59 pm Link to this comment


“For over two years now, I’ve been hearing ‘progressive’ liberals claiming that Obama just couldn’t be Obama, because he had too many Clintonistas surrounding him… BUT they believe (as in faith-based) that Hillary Clinton would have been a ‘better’ POTUS.”

Two comments.  First, I am wondering exactly how many “progressive liberals” have made such a claim.  In fact, I consider myself something of an aberration among progressive liberals for making that claim; i.e., most progressive liberals believe that little or nothing would be different under a Clinton administration.

Second, any discussion about how Hillary might have been different is obviously speculative.  I believe she would have been better (particularly re domestic policy).  You are free to disagree.  But we will simply never know.

“A Democrat voter is someone who never wastes any opportunity to elliminate the potential good an election could provide.”

Although this may (or may not) be true as a general matter, I disagree in this instance.  In my opinion, the GREATER “potential good” was making absolutely certain that McCain and Palin did not win.  Every other concern or “potential good” was secondary.


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By SuperMike1661, January 12, 2011 at 1:59 pm Link to this comment

G. Anderson has a clear, if sardonic, view of the future.  The story that is being whispered among the elite is this:

There is no question that the gigantic increase in debt load on the United States from 2007 to 2010 was approx. 35% or 5 Trillion USD.  Also the US MANUFACTURING economy is now completely shattered by PRC slave-worker pressure so that the US can not recover its lost position, i.e. the Balance of Payments will continue to flow to PRC. Therefore the US has no way to generate repayment of its ever-increasing debt, and this debt is now forecast to increase 1 to 2 Trillion every year for the foreseeable future. 

At some point, approximately 2020, there will be no available cash to match the ever-increasing military expenditures of the PRC, and the US military, for the first time in US history, will have to decide whether it supports the politicians or it supports the security of the United States. This is the Point of Revolution that appears to be unavoidable.  The rape of the United States that began circa 1995 was so fast that even the most sophisticated Bankers missed the timing. They completely misread the power of the PRC to humble US manufacturing workers with tightly controlled Chinese labor.

Now even if Americans replace the totally compromised political elite (both parties), it is unclear if there is enough time to reorganize its deeply damaged economic and political components. 

Many Goldman Sachs bonus fortunes are being spent immediately for Security Bungalows in the Monaco and Switzerland and other Security States.  In the mean time, the fleeing elite hope that Tuscon-like political murders will keep the masses occupied.

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By manifesto2000, January 12, 2011 at 1:58 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

What an excellent observation. Please get involved with committees that build local social economy [CED - community economic development]. This is the best antidote to the oligarchic damage that is being created.

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By truedigger3, January 12, 2011 at 1:52 pm Link to this comment

Re: By Geez Jan, January 12 at 2:05 pm

Geez Jan,

I agree with you 100%.  During the presidential election campaign, I posted several posts, here in truthdig,  warning that the biggest contributors to Obama’s campaign were from Wall St., only to be met with insults and name calling accusing me of being a “Republican Troll”.!!!
I voted for the Greens.

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By samosamo, January 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm Link to this comment



Didn’t take me one second after seeing and hearing o pledge his
fealty and loyalty and the full support of the u.s. to corporate
america to vote for nader. I knew I was right when o did the
same to izrael. Two simple acts that should have made a whole
hell of a lot more voters do the same.

But this isn’t a functional democracy and the use of a ‘one-eyed
jack’ mulatto to get a huge portion of americans to vote for o
without having to use the Department of Voter Fraud was… well
could be considered genius as it sure did work.

But I suspect the 2012 election will possibly be as, if not uglier
than either or both the 2000 scotus appointed election or the
2004 Ohio sec of state voter fraud elections combined. There is
a huge price to pay for giving up ‘eternal vigilance’ to maintain a
democracy and not to excuse it, but when the 4th estate or
journalism is subverted to the crap the american mainstream
media has become… well that makes us the poster child of what
we are.

William Black - ‘The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One’. The
beginning and defines ‘Control Fraud’.

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David J. Cyr's avatar

By David J. Cyr, January 12, 2011 at 1:41 pm Link to this comment

QUOTE (G., as in a Norse “God” avatar? Anderson):

“The strategic implications of Americas economic collapse for the world are more dire than 911 ever was. America with a gutted economy cannot support it’s military.”

That’s why Secretary of the Long War, Robert Gates, just went to China… to arrange a military merger.

America’s mighty military doesn’t belong to Americans. It’s an acquisition that was campaign “contribution” purchased cheaply by global corporations that have no loyalty to any nation or people.

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By Ivan Hentschel, January 12, 2011 at 1:10 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Everyone is right and everyone is half-right, and all the various insights here are helpful. But two immediate observations come to mind. The first is that Obama has proven that we can recycle and re-use on a large scale: he is re-using every old, worn political hack he can drag up in Washington. The second is that he has delivered on one item in his list of campaign promises, that being transparency: we can see right through every “symbolic” effort he makes. Beneath his progressive facade is a business-as-usual politician.

Despite all the claims to the contrary, Obama turns out not to be a creative thinker at all, but rather a repetitive, hackneyed automaton.

The declining empire is being led by the emporer of declination and entropy.

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By Cole..., January 12, 2011 at 1:01 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Can it be that the ‘Left’ was quieted, in the early Clinton time, by the then new pres being under constant investigation. Clinton rolled NAFTA through even tho it would be a bad deal—-as described by Parrot. Call it being triangulated into submission. If the Left oppossed it would be joining in with the GOP—as we now see much of Clinton was benefial to the Deregulation and other actions which the GOP wanted and prove to be so harmful.

Same thing going on now. Obama under fire from the active Right while yielding every legislative effort to the wishes of the Right. We are being had.

These new appointees show fairly conclusively that Obama’s “reach out to the Right” is bunk. He jumped the fence long ago.

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, January 12, 2011 at 12:52 pm Link to this comment

This country is on the verge of complete economic collapse, as sure if we had been
invaded militarily by some foreign army.

The strategic implications of Americas economic collapse for the world are more dire
than 911 ever was. America with a gutted economy cannot support it’s military.

Since congress won’t do it’s duty, to protect this country from it’s domestic enemies,
Bankers like Bill Daley,I half expect the military to take over the government, send a few
regiments of Marines into Wall street, arrest them all as traitors, try them in military
courts and send them to Guantanamo for interrogation and water boarding.

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David J. Cyr's avatar

By David J. Cyr, January 12, 2011 at 12:48 pm Link to this comment

QUOTE (Maani):

“And although I was a (much-maligned on these boards, since so many DID drink the Kool-Aid…) Hillary supporter (and yes, I think at least SOME things would have been decidedly different - and better - had she won), I voted for Obama because I was TERRIFIED of a McCain/Palin win, and - although I consider myself highly principled - in this instance I REALLY did not want to throw my vote away.”

What is truly amazing is how ill the logic of liberals is.

For over two years now, I’ve been hearing “progressive” liberals claiming that Obama just couldn’t be Obama, because he had too many Clintonistas surrounding him…. **BUT** they believe (as in faith-based) that Hillary Clinton would have been a “better” POTUS.

Obama was corporate pre-selected for installation because his corporate fabricated American Idol image could fool new young fools, while cold old Hillary was only useful for fooling old fools.

A Democrat voter is someone who never wastes any opportunity to elliminate the potential good an election could provide.

The corporate state wouldn’t allow elections if the liberals didn’t force the “ignorant” fools to vote for Republicans, and the conservatives didn’t force the “intelligent” fools to vote for Democrats.

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David J. Cyr's avatar

By David J. Cyr, January 12, 2011 at 11:45 am Link to this comment

QUOTE (Robert Scheer):

“While it is widely recognized that the banking meltdown has left enormous economic pain and political upheaval in its wake, it is amazing that the folks who created this mess are rewarded with ever more important positions in our government.”


Liberals are always feigning amazement, whenever they get all the shit they voted for.

If the liberals, who are constantly priding themselves for having their self-tested and self-graded incomparable intelligence, are not consummately evil, then there’s surely nothing more uneducable than an “educated” liberal.

What you mean: “our government”?

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By tedmurphy41, January 12, 2011 at 11:25 am Link to this comment

Over here, in the UK, our coalition Government made demands, prior to our General Election, that bonus payments would be considered a No-No considering the state that our finances were left in after they had finished.
However, as the word goes around nowadays, our financial experts and pundits have warned our elected leaders that if these payments are not continued, then these “top” people would decamp to other Countries and we would all be in a complete monetary quagmire.
As you can imagine, this Government backed down and now, it’s business as usual.
It would have been interesting to have seen to which Countries these ‘top bankers’ would have gone to, carrying around with them CV’s showing their true expertise, hanging around their necks like the proverbial albatross. To my mind, these people would have been unemployable except, it would appear, in the UK.
I am surprised that America has behaved in this way, as failure, especially on such a grand scale, normally brings ridicule and opprobrium on the perpetrators; instead of, in this case, elevation to Government posts seems to be the reward for such reckless behaviour. The fox and henhouses come to mind, but it really speaks volumes about the competence of Barack Obama in choosing to make such unwise appointments.

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By Maani, January 12, 2011 at 11:20 am Link to this comment


Excellent point about lack of control over our government or its policies.  This reminds me of two phrases I learned in college.  One was that we call ourselves the “freest” country on earth, but have the most laws.  The other is that (even had our civil liberties not been compromised by the post-9/11 Bush) we may well have greater freedom than most countries to openly criticize our government, protest, etc. - but the reality is that all they have to do is ignore us, because they know that we have no REAL power - even at the ballot box.

tobysgirl & jeandavid:

I, too, was shocked that few people looked at who was advising Obama early on.  Even setting aside Rezko (who was one of his earliest advisors), his early choice of Zbigniew Brzezinski (an architect of the Trilateral commission, among many other things) as foreign policy advisor was all the indication I needed where he was going in that area.  And once he brought in Summers and Geithner, the fix was also in on economic matters.  Nor is it surprising, since his single largest campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs.


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By jeandavid, January 12, 2011 at 11:04 am Link to this comment

Tobysgirl, I agree with your remarks. When you said look at Obama’s advisors. I did that before the election. When he denied the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. thrice (to force a comparison), that was strike 1. Then he got Rham Emmanuel as chief of staff, then Joe Biden for vice president. This was before he got all the Clinton and Bush 43 leftovers, and Goldman Sachs subversives into the government after he was elected? I may be disgusted, but I am not surprised. You cannot possibly even become a “serious” candidate unless you are acceptable to those who will buy elections for you. I vote for non-serious candidates because I believe it a duty to vote; to show that I care, but that I do not accept kleptocratic fascists.

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By Tobysgirl, January 12, 2011 at 10:31 am Link to this comment

Not one person I know who voted for Obama had any interest prior to the election in his list of advisors. And these are the so-called educated Americans. I’ve begun to think that conservatives are not America’s real problem, it’s the supposedly educated liberal class who perpetuate the policies they say they oppose. “I’m antiwar and I’m voting for a man who pledges to escalate war.”


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By SoTexGuy, January 12, 2011 at 10:29 am Link to this comment

I’m not at all wealthy, yet I am not underwater on my mortgage and have no significant personal debt. Where’s my bailout and where is the payoff for me if 50 million mortgages are adjusted in value?

I think I understand the calls for these measures, though I’m not convinced they won’t ultimately be another giveaway to the banks and the parasitical realty industry.. with the taxpayers picking up the bank’s ‘losses’ from reducing amounts owed on mortgages.

Here’s a compromise.. do it, write down the amounts outstanding on ‘underwater’ mortgages. If the homeowner sees his balance shrink from say $300K to $200K .. and he’s put back in good standing with the lender.. then that $100K difference is INCOME. Tax it as income. Use those revenues somehow for the good of everybody.. even people like me who will never directly benefit from these huge hundreds of billions of dollars initiatives..

And don’t ply me with the liberal version of ‘trickle down’


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By jeandavid, January 12, 2011 at 10:15 am Link to this comment

With the control the government has (and I mean more than merely the elected officials, the executive, and the judicial department, but also the owners of the government), just how is being more engaged supposed to make any difference? Voting? Working in Democratic and Republican Primaries? Amusing ourselves in parades? We do not suffer as do the Palestinians, but we probably have no more influence over our present government than the Palestinians have over the goverhnment of Israel. And judging by how they try to work, violence is not very effective either. I have images of a violent overthrow of the present government. A bunch of NRA types with pistols, rifles, etc., vs. the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force with tanks, automatic weapons, airplanes, assault helicopters, drones, etc. An armed revolt might last how many days? And the collateral damage as they send the drones in to attack houses on the theory that revolutionaries might be in them.

I get sick and tired of people saying to be more engaged, to change the status quo, with no realistic suggestions as to what one can do that would be effective and not make matters far far worse.

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By Maani, January 12, 2011 at 10:08 am Link to this comment

Some argue that we really only have one political party - the transnational corporate party -with two branches (Republicrat and Democan).  And although there have been historically, and continue to be, some significant differences between the two, that assessment is ultimately correct.

But even if we accept that as axiom, this does not automatically mean that a third-party candidate will really be any better.  Or, should I say, have any more ability to effect real, much less radical, change.  Because it is not simply a matter of who is in the White House, but that the entire system is broken; i.e., even if Ron Paul were president, he would STILL be constrained by a Congress that is made up (largely, if not primarily) of “bought” (by corporations, lobbyists, etc.) people.  Add in the insidious effect of money in politics (and the extreme unlikelihood that the current (bought) members of Congress will institute anything even resembling real campaign finance reform or financial ethics), and a (still) right-leaning SCOTUS, and you have a recipe for status quo, stagnation and lack of any real change.

In his brilliant address to the House, Barney Frank called the U.S. a “banana republic,” using the most literal, socio-politico-economic definition of that term.  He is correct, but he does not go far enough.  The U.S. has become a de facto oligarchy, or plutocracy, or kleptocracy - pick your favorite (or any combination thereof) - in which nothing will change until…when?  The end of money in politics?  Unlikely.  The proper education of the masses to actually become active, THINKING members of the electorate?  Also unlikely.  A radical shift in the political zeitgeist?  Again, unlikely.  Revolution?  The most unlikely of all.

So we are left to either follow our truest principles, and vote for a candidate who has little or no chance of getting elected, or voting for the “lesser of two evils,” and hoping that there will be at least SOME forward (if not exactly “progressive”) movement, and positive change.

Re Obama, I never drank the Kool-Aid, wore the rose-colored spectacles, or got high on the perfumed rhetoric of his campaign.  I knew the truth about him nearly from the outset (e.g., his vicious legal tactics re ballot petitions to make sure he ran unopposed, his coziness with the “Chicago machine,” his connections to Rezko, etc.).  And although I was a (much-maligned on these boards, since so many DID drink the Kool-Aid…) Hillary supporter (and yes, I think at least SOME things would have been decidedly different - and better - had she won), I voted for Obama because I was TERRIFIED of a McCain/Palin win, and - although I consider myself highly principled - in this instance I REALLY did not want to throw my vote away.

As for the title of this article, it is almost redundant; i.e., for many reasons, ANYONE in the White House - including the President - is a “perp” in one or more ways.  Why should this be a surprise?


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By grumps, January 12, 2011 at 9:15 am Link to this comment

Of course these successful folks should be rewarded. They worked very hard for many years to bring labor to its knees. From now on we have many very poor people and a few rich people - just like they wanted it.

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By SuperMike1661, January 12, 2011 at 9:15 am Link to this comment

Fat Freddy seems to make sense except when we actually THINK about what he says, e.g. if much of the hideous, PERMENANT damage to the United States was simply FRAUD, where are the prosecutions?  We need better regulation of the Prosecutors?

His arrogance is quite something too.  To show is erudition, he posits a legal concept called “legalized accounting fraud” but fraud is illegal so that Fat Freddy has developed the concept of “legal illegal accounting”... Mmmm.

Help us out here Fat Freddy. Are you just propagandizing to the unwashed, or in your arrogance, you actually believe this confusion that you spout?

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By Geez Jan, January 12, 2011 at 9:05 am Link to this comment

If you’re surprised that Obama is so in bed with Wall Street now, then you
weren’t paying attention when he was running for president. Do you remember
who was on his campaign back then? Look it up.

Obama’s words and actions have been diametrically opposite since before he
was elected. To put it more bluntly but no less accurately: he’s been lying
through his teeth for years. He never had any intention of doing what he said he
would. He was chosen by Wall Street and business to do their bidding, and
that’s what he intended to do from the beginning.

The only thing the Republican and Democratic politicians disagree on is who
should be in charge. The rhetoric (a.k.a. marketing strategy) is different, but
the policies are essentially the same: serve the corporations and the rich.

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By M L, January 12, 2011 at 9:00 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Congress controls the purse strings and writes legislation so maybe Obama is simply keeping his enemies close so he knows what they’re up to. It may have been Lyndon Johnson who said “I would rather have my enemies inside the tent pissin out than outside pissin in.”

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Fat Freddy's avatar

By Fat Freddy, January 12, 2011 at 8:53 am Link to this comment

Every week Scheer rambles on with his simplistic view of what “caused” the Great Recession. Ya know, I wish it was that simple. If it was just “deregulation”, whatever that means, the problem would be easy to fix, and it would never happen again. Right?

The fact is, Lehman and Bear Stearns (among others) packaged and sold shit to the World. That’s fraud. No regulation in the world is going to prevent fraud, anymore than a lock is going to keep a robber out of your house. Then, there’s the other issue of repos. I wonder if Mr Scheer even knows what a “repo” is. It’s not repossession. It’s a “repurchase agreement”. The accounting techniques used in repos, are similar to Enron’s accounting techniques, but we “solved” that problem, right? It’s called “accounting control fraud”. Hmm, more fraud. But Mr Scheer has it in his thick head that banks were “allowed” to commit fraud through deregulation. Sorry, Mr Scheer, but banks are allowed to commit fraud, now, with legalized accounting fraud, bailouts, and lack of enforcement. So, the fraud will continue. The most effective way to prevent fraud, is to punish the perpetrators, not reward them.

Also, perhaps Mr Scheer would like to explain the difference between a “cramp-down”, and a “cramdown”. Perhaps, it was just a typo. Changing the bankruptcy laws, at this point, is meaningless, anyway. The banks have already been bailed out, and all of their toxic assets have either been purchased by the Federal Reserve, or are being marked at their face value, thanks to changes in FASB (157), or legalized accounting fraud.

Now, maybe Mr Scheer can explain to me the massive naked short position JP Morgan has on silver, and how they were able to corner the copper market.

Try these on for size, and get back to me:’s+Café+Américain)

Get in the loop Scheer, you are making a fool of yourself.

If you want to make the argument that banks should carry their own risks, fine. Get rid of Fannie and Freddie, as well as synthetic CDOs, or CDSs. What’s good for the Goose….

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By tombaxter, January 12, 2011 at 8:44 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Banksters rule and Fully funded wars -
Nonpartisan programs, that everyone or at least those in control agree on

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By Miko, January 12, 2011 at 8:40 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“it is amazing that the folks who created this mess are
rewarded with ever more important positions in our

I don’t see why that’s surprising; the government
always rewards itself when it creates a mess.

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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, January 12, 2011 at 7:50 am Link to this comment

It has become painfully obvious that Obama is in bed with Wall Street oligarchs - true progressives should not tolerate him -The Democratic party has been hijacked by corporate impersonators of liberals. An alternative party needs to be created to uncover all this duplicity. What is it going to take?

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By C.Curtis.Dillon, January 12, 2011 at 6:45 am Link to this comment

Sorry guys but nothing is or ever will change with Obama.  He’s always been in the pocket of big money.  These “replacements” are just as bad as their predecessors.  They’ll work for their friends on Wall Street and, when their tenure is finished, go back to their lucrative lives.  They care little about their country or the people who are struggling to survive.  I hold little hope for America until we rise up and throw all these bastards to the wolves.  Revolution anyone?

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By TheHandyman, January 12, 2011 at 6:04 am Link to this comment

Those of us who worked for, campaigned for and both raised and donated money to Ralph Nader are not in the least bit surprised. Nor are we surprised by the number of people who voted for this wolf in sheep’s clothing who now feel betrayed. Ralph tried to warn America. He was right back then and he continues to be right about everything he predicted about Obama. Obama is about as much in touch with the real People of this country as his predecessor. It in no way makes me feel really good about being right, I almost wish that we weren’t, but it is long past time that Americans take some responsibility about who they send to Washington to do their business. Time to be more engaged and less gullible!

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