The Anti-Fascist March at Stone Mountain (Photo Essay)

February 4, 2019 15 photos
  • A coalition of anti-fascist groups claimed victory after the “white power” rally, dubbed Rock Stone Mountain II, was canceled due to infighting and organizers’ fears for their own safety. Days before the rally was to take place, Facebook took down the rally organizers’ page and the parks department denied their permit. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Stone Mountain, 15 miles east of Atlanta, is home to the largest Confederate monument in the world. The city’s 3,200-acre public park was closed Saturday amid plans for protests and counterprotests, though one of the reasons cited for the park’s closure was that state and local law enforcement agencies were spread too thin due to the weekend’s Super Bowl security needs in nearby Atlanta. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Counterprotesters emphatically declare what they want to happen to the monument carved into the north face of Stone Mountain. The world’s largest bas-relief sculpture depicts three Confederate figures: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Considered a “sacred site” to the Ku Klux Klan and the scene of cross burnings every Labor Day for more than 50 years, the monument has been the subject of widespread controversy. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • More than 50 anti-fascist groups united under the moniker of FLOWER (Frontline Organizations Working to End Racism). (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Some of the counterprotesters came armed with sidearms and long guns. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Various chants included “Good Night, Alt Right!” and “No Gender. No Class. The KKK can eat my ass.” (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Fingers are given to a mock Klansman on a stick. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • The lighting of the “Klansman.” (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • The mock Klansman burns in effigy. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • About 300 anti-fascist counterprotesters, some masked and/or armed, took “a victory lap” through the town and at the perimeter of Stone Mountain Park. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Armed militia guarded the counterprotest’s perimeter through the morning march, looking out for a potential attack. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • As smoke canisters were set off, some of the protesters quickly took their masks off, blended into the crowd and left the action. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • A protester mock chants, “This is what democracy gave us!” (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

  • Flowers in a barrel. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)