Scenes from the U.S.-Mexico Border

December 3, 2018
14 photos
  • Central Americans sit outside a stadium-turned-migrant-shelter in Tijuana.

  • Mexican police troops stand by after Central American migrants attempted to run across the border at Tijuana.

  • Central American migrants gather in protest of Mexican authorities’ move to block access to the U.S. border in Tijuana.

  • Central American migrants face Mexican police who blocked the way to the U.S. border.

  • Mexican police watch and wait as Central American migrants gather at the U.S.-Mexico border at Tijuana.

  • Central American migrants asserting their right to seek asylum with a sign that says, “Respect for the rights of foreigners is peace.”

  • Demonstrators in Tijuana paint signs (here, the beginnings of an American flag) to take to the protest.

  • Central American migrants hold a makeshift American flag aloft as they make their way to the border fence between the U.S. and Mexico at Tijuana.

  • A man sporting a Honduran flag and a T-shirt emblazoned with an image of Donald Trump and a colorful message —“Fuck your mother Trump and America”— joins the group of migrants at the U.S border fence at Tijuana.

  • A man on a raised platform hoists an American flag amid a crowd of migrants demonstrating in Tijuana for exercise of their right to cross the U.S border as asylum seekers.

  • Migrants run after U.S. Border Patrol agents fire tear gas at protesters at the U.S.-Mexico border at Tijuana.

  • Mexican police rush to intercept Central American migrants at the border.

  • A Central American mother gives her children water after escaping the tear gas fired across the border moments before.

  • People gather on the Mexican side of the border fence at Tijuana.