A Lens on the GOP Convention: Activists Arrested for Flag Burning on Day 3

July 20, 2016 8 photos
  • One of the protesters arrested after the American flag was set on fire. It was quickly extinguished by the Cleveland Fire Department. Pepper spray was deployed, and 17 people were arrested. (Michael Nigro)

  • Activists maneuvered through the crush of media and police to get a foothold on Prospect Avenue, where they staged their “Wall Off Trump” action. The protest wall was built by organizers, artists, parents, children and veterans who gathered together with Mijente, the Ruckus Society, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Working Families Party, the Other 98%, First Seven Design Labs, Grassroots Global Justice and others. (Michael Nigro)

  • Today’s collectible or ridiculous (or both) souvenir of the day. (Michael Nigro)

  • The scene as the arrests take place following the burning of the American flag in front of the main entrance that allows delegates into Quicken Loans Arena. (Michael Nigro)

  • Hundreds of protesters blocked the main entrance of the GOP convention on Prospect Avenue. The “Wall Off Trump” activists held brick-and-fence-designed banners that spanned over two city blocks. (Michael Nigro)

  • One of the “Wall Off Trump” ponchos. (Michael Nigro)

  • Cowboys in Cleveland. The Fort Worth Texas Mounted Unit await orders just on the perimeter of Public Square, one of the main protest hubs. According to the Cleveland Police Department and Department of Homeland Security, over 5,500 law enforcement officers have been assigned to Republican National Convention security. (Michael Nigro)

  • And then there’s this: humor. (Michael Nigro)