A Lens on the Democratic Convention, Day 4: Two Americas

July 29, 2016 11 photos
  • Secret Service watching from the mezzanine on Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention. 

  • The entrance for delegates and the media to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Many were quick to point out the hypocrisy of holding the convention here, as Wells Fargo was one of the biggest culprits in the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. (Michael Nigro)

  • On a day when the National Weather Service called for severe weather into the evening and, at one point, a storm caused the media tent to be evacuated, protesters still came out by the hundreds. (Michael Nigro)

  • Law and Order: Special Politicians Unit. (Michael Nigro)

  • During Hillary Clinton’s speech accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination, a contingent of delegates from California walked out and held a boisterous protest. (Michael Nigro)

  • Write your own caption. (Michael Nigro)

  • Delegates from Oregon and Washington state walked out during Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech and, in solidarity, joined California, which led the protest. Eventually, the police escorted all of the protesters out. (Michael Nigro)

  • Protesters came out despite the rain on the final night. The anger is real. The rain is fine. (Michael Nigro)

  • Girls watched Hillary Clinton’s speech from the media village, where their mother continued to file reports. (Michael Nigro)

  • In reference to a line from Hillary Clinton’s 1994 “super predator” speech(Michael Nigro)

  • #DemExhausted. (Michael Nigro)