A Lens on the Democratic Convention, Day 1: Dispatches From Philadelphia

July 26, 2016 6 photos
  • The official program for the 2016 Democratic National Convention has Hillary Clinton’s face emblazoned on it with the words “Madam President” written below. (Michael Nigro)

  • Protesters in Philadelphia carry signs to show their refusal to vote for Clinton in the upcoming general election. (Michael Nigro)

  • A protester’s umbrella makes mention of the recent WikiLeaks revelation about the Democratic National Committee’s “betrayal” of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. (Michael Nigro)

  • There are still plenty of ardent Sanders supporters making their presence known in Philadelphia. (Michael Nigro)

  • Many, like the man pictured above, are shifting their support from Sanders to Green Party candidate Jill Stein now that Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. (Michael Nigro)