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The Shame in Happy Valley

Nov 8, 2011
Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno said, "I did what I was supposed to" In fact, nobody at Penn State did what basic human decency requires -- and as a result, according to prosecutors, an alleged sexual predator who could have been stopped years ago was allowed to continue molesting young boys" In fact, nobody at Penn State did what basic human decency requires.

The War Against the Poor

Nov 8, 2011
We’ve been at war for decades now -- not just in Afghanistan or Iraq, but right here at home. Domestically, it’s been a war against the poor, but if you hadn’t noticed, that’s not surprising.

Occupy America

Nov 8, 2011
You've seen Wall Street, you've seen Oakland, but have you seen Occupy Honolulu? Well, you're about to now. It is part of the MSM, but CBS has put together a slideshow featuring Occupy protesters that's worth a look.

What About Newt Gingrich?

Nov 8, 2011
Republicans are still looking for a non-Romney to carry their banner into the White House, and although Herman Cain appears to be weathering numerous sexual harassment allegations with ease, a new poll shows a certain amphibian nipping at his heels. (more)

Fourth Cain Accuser Goes Public

Nov 8, 2011
Let's see Herman Cain get out of this one. On Monday, one Sharon Bialek came forward to put a public face on the group of women, now holding at four, who have accused the GOP presidential hopeful of sexual harassment. And you know Gloria Allred was there. Updated with video

So Long, Silvio?

Nov 7, 2011
Either Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is in serious denial mode or he's about to pull off a recession-defying stunt of unprecedented proportions, as pressure is mounting for the embattled PM to follow the fresh example of his Greek counterpart (more).