Jeb Bush Calls Immigration Debate ‘Hurtful’

Apr 5, 2006
The Florida governor calls the anti-immigration "chest pounding" of politicians hurtful to him and his Mexican-born wife, Columba. Hats off to Jeb for breaking ranks on this one. Funny how it can take personal, familial experience for right-wingers to show some compassion on social issues. (See: Dick Cheney, father of a lesbian, breaking ranks with Bush on gay marriage.)
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Senate Panel Passes Immigration Bill

Mar 28, 2006
The bill, which requires approval by the full Senate, clears the way for 11 million illegal aliens to seek U.S. citizenship, and will allow some 1.5 million workers to seek temporary jobs legally. This is a big win for the hundreds of thousands of people who joined protest marches this past weekend.

Frist Throws Immigration Debate Into Disarray

Mar 17, 2006
The Republican senator stunned both Democrats and the GOP alike by introducing an immigration bill that bypasses others now being debated Bighearted guy that he is, Frist left out a guest-worker provision--which many conservatives view as amnesty for undocumented workers (But which even Bush supported) Check out Truthdig's Marc Cooper to strip away the myths surrounding this hotly debated issue .