Courts & Law

The Fight Against Religious Bigotry Continues

Mar 2, 2014
Don’t be misled by pundits proclaiming victory in the battle against religious bigotry after Arizona Gov Jan Brewer’s veto of her state’s gay discrimination bill The battle rages on, both in a host of similar measures proposed in states across the country and in a set of potentially landmark cases pending before the Supreme Court.
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A Star Wasn’t Born

Sep 6, 2008
What had been unexpected by the faithful at the Republican National Convention was McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the vice presidential nominee. McCain's decision was cited as an example of his willingness to take a chance, to gamble everything on a hunch. It was much more than that.

The Alito Nomination

Jan 10, 2006
Follow the paper trail on Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bush's Supreme Court nominee. Do his judicial opinions and decisions indicate how he would influence the court's ideological balance?

Examining the Death Penalty

Dec 14, 2005
On Dec. 2 Kenneth Boyd was executed by the state of North Carolina, becoming the 1,000th person to be executed since the 1976 Supreme Court ruling Gregg v. Georgia reinstated capital punishment in the United States.