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Army Nixes ‘Six Flags Over Fort Bragg’

Aug 9, 2006
The Army shot down a developer's proposal for a military theme park, saying it preferred something "tasteful and appropriate." (Above photo a satire.) Of course, this is the same military whose recruitment efforts have included inserting story lines into episodes of "The Mickey Mouse Club," according to the book "Operation Hollywood."

Bono Buys a Piece of Forbes

Aug 7, 2006
A group of investors, including the U2 frontman, bought a minority stake in the financial publishing company. An investor partner says Bono ?drove this part of the discussion and likes the fact that there has been a consistent philosophy throughout its history.?
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Bush, Congress Cut Welfare Programs

Aug 7, 2006
New welfare rules written by Congress and the Bush administration are taking effect, denying assistance to the poor for education and drug addiction treatment. The rules also require welfare recipients to work more hours a week, without providing additional child support subsidies.

Senate Kills Estate Tax Bill

Aug 4, 2006
Normally, this would be cause for unbridled celebration. However, Republicans had cowardly and self-servingly tacked an estate tax reduction onto a bill designed to raise the minimum wage. So good legislation had to die in order for a terrible bill never to live.

New Treasury Secretary Channels Paul Krugman

Aug 2, 2006
Bush's new secretary of the Treasury, former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson, said in his first public remarks since taking office that he recognized the economy was not benefitting all Americans That's quite an understatement -- as Paul Krugman made abundantly clear in a 2002 N Times Magazine essay -- but for a Bush appointee, it was a hell of an admission .

Sprinkling the Poor, Showering the Rich

Jul 29, 2006
House Republicans tacked a cut in estate taxes onto a bill to raise the minimum wage. Yeah, you read that correctly: The economically distressed would get an additional $2.10 an hour, whereas the Walton kids and the Hilton sisters would get untold millions. Must be that compassionate conservatism we've heard so much about.

US Airways to Sell Ads on Air Sickness Bags

Jul 27, 2006
Seriously, we're not making this up: ads on barf bags. You have to wonder: How do you value the publicity that comes from associating your product with vomit? (above picture a Truthdig spoof) And if it works, we're suddenly one step closer to the advertising hell depicted in Spielberg's "Minority Report."

Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads

Jul 19, 2006
U.S. roads and bridges paid for by American taxpayers are being sold to companies abroad. Selling roads and bridges to private companies provides states with extra cash in the short term, but as Indiana's House Democratic leader has argued, these deals are shortsighted taxpayer rip-offs that funnel long-term profits to foreign coffers. (h/t AmericaBlog)