Religion and Politics: The End of the World?

A Truthdig debate between Sam Harris and Chris Hedges 22nd May 2007

At a time of virulent religious fanaticism extending from Afghanistan to Washington, D.C., Truthdig presents two of the most courageous writers confronting this descent into modern irrationality. A nonbeliever and a believer — one who sees religion as a scourge and one who argues that the loss of the spiritual has plunged our society into violence and extremism — they have both written passionately and profoundly about this subject and will share their thoughts in what promises to be a fascinating evening of debate and dialogue.


Read Chris Hedges’ opening statement and Sam Harris’ response.


Note: The audio recordings have not been edited. For a slightly condensed version of the debate, check out the video below.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Sound by Mansoor Sabbagh / Global Voices for Justice


Videography by Sherwin Maglanoc / LA36


Event Co-Sponsors:

ACLU Addicted to War Alternet Bruin Alliance of Skeptics & Secularists, a UCLA student group CODEPINK Global Voices for Justice Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace The Nation Institute Palisadians for Peace UCLA Performing Arts

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