The Psychedelic Renaissance and the Military

15th February 2023

The role of psychedelics in society has reached a tipping point. In this live-stream event, Brian Normand will interview Russell Hausfeld about his months-long “Dig” series for Truthdig, “The Ecstasy of Agony” — which explores how the military became a target demographic for psychedelic therapy, the historic connections between the military and psychedelics, and the future of experimental drug treatments in the military.

A Q&A will follow the interview, where audience members will be able to ask further questions about Hausfeld’s work for Truthdig, the role of drugs in contemporary society, and where the psychedelic field is headed next.



Russell Hausfeld is a Cincinnati-based journalist and Dig Curator at Truthdig, where he covers perspectives on psychedelic science, industry, and culture. He has a degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati, and his reporting has been cited in Vice, The Nation, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.


Brian Normand is a co-founder of Psymposia, an industry watchdog which monitors abuse, bad science, and predatory business practices in the psychedelic field. Brian encountered Drug War policy firsthand, after his arrest and prosecution for cannabis and mushroom cultivation.