The New Year is upon us and the media landscape is filled with what-just-happened year-in-review stories. We’re a little more used to the World of Trump but there is still a feeling of shock and awe in the air, particularly after the Republican tax bill passed.

It is incredible to think of what has happened over the past year, particularly since January 20, 2017. I didn’t want to make you suffer through a cartoon that relived the highlights of the Trump presidency to date. This cartoon represents more what has been going on in my head over the holidays.

It’s a fine time to escape from the daily grind of hateful diatribes, reckless executive orders and unhinged tweets. Enjoy the family, see friends and appreciate what is really important close to home. Unfortunately, an escape to sanity only lasts an instant before the next outrage occurs. Enjoy the cartoon, I hope you catch your breath and take a break before the new year begins. And thanks as always for helping support my work!