Amid the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, President Donald Trump has continued to roll out reasons why not having his big, beautiful border wall is a dire threat to the great land of America First. His latest reason for the wall: “unbelievable vehicles” that are flooding across the border.

Trump is remarkably specific about the cargo in these fancy high-powered vehicles. In the president’s telling, there are carloads of women bound in blue tape being trafficked across the border. Strangely enough, people who spend their lives fighting human trafficking have never heard of this scenario. (And people who spend their lives painting houses know that blue tape is the least sticky sort of tape there is.)

Most people who are trafficked into the United States come through designated ports of entry. Trump’s Mad Max world of women struggling while wrapped in blue tape in the back of a hot rod SUV is just another failing ploy to convince the Democrats to fund his wall. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to stop over on my Patreon page, see what goodies you can get and help support my work.