It’s that time of year again, when climate deniers point to winter weather as proof that global warming doesn’t exist. There’s a “bomb cyclone” blasting away at the eastern United States, so surely climate change is a hoax, say the deniers. And, yes, it is cold and the storm sounds brutal.

Unfortunately, we’re not off the global warming hook. At the rate President Trump is going, we may not be around long enough to experience the full destructive effects human-caused climate change will bring. Ah, the Anthropocene is a tricky time.

Even worse than Trump’s unhinged tweets and nuclear teasing are the real changes that are being made to rules and policy in the United States. The president has a knack for putting crazy people in charge of the very agencies they hate. As industry gets a green light to pollute and revel in an orgy of deregulation, global warming will only get worse, even though it doesn’t feel very warm right now. Stay safe, enjoy the cartoon and thanks for supporting my cartoons!