Once again, satire is just inches ahead of reality. When the president of the United States calls for people who don’t stand for the national anthem to be fired and speaks wistfully of more violence in sports, you know we’ve gone farther into Kookyland.

But why should President Trump stop at ranting about individual athletes? Why not use a photo of a dead soldier to drive home a political point? A Trump Sports Network is not too far-fetched, given the fact Trump tried his hand at the United States Football League and failed at his earlier battles with the NFL.

As entertaining as these culture wars may be and as important as some of the underlying issues are, let’s not forget Steve Bannon’s glee at all this attention on racism. Meanwhile, attempts to kill Obamacare will be back and tax cuts for the rich are on deck while we’re paying attention to who sits and who stands for the anthem. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to visit me on Patreon!