President Trump wants to start a new state-run broadcast outlet to get the wonderful news of Trump out to the world. This is an extension of his war on the press and CNN in particular. Apparently he wants coverage that is even more fawning than the de facto state news agency, Fox News.

This idea comes on the heels of U.S. Border Patrol agents firing tear gas into Mexico to stop the “invasion” of people seeking safety and asylum—er, I mean “stone cold criminals.” The Trump administration has slowed down the asylum process so migrants are now piling up at the border. This is just the beginning of a crisis at our doorstep that will have huge repercussions for Mexico and the United States.

Trump’s fantasyland of safe, friendly tear gas and “grabbers” is topped only by his lies and conspiracies about the Mueller investigation, which seems to be gathering steam. There’s never a dull moment in a nation that elected a madman.

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