President Trump and his chief defenders—Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr—are going to the ends of the earth to implicate themselves even further, apparently. Why have those nameless underlings commit the crimes when you can do it yourselves!

While the current White House seems to operate as a criminal syndicate, it doesn’t seem to be the smartest criminal syndicate around. In the syndicate’s defense, the boss is incredibly unhinged and unprofessional as a president and/or crime boss.

New revelations and subpoenas are sure to come in rapid succession, since Trump operates on the old Roy Cohn model of accusing everyone else of the very things you’ve been accused of—and give no ground no matter what. We’ll either see tanks in the streets or Capitol Police escorting Donald Trump out of 1600 Pennsylvania before he resigns or obeys any silly old Constitution.

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