Another day, another gun violence milestone. The horrific Las Vegas mass shooting is the deadliest gun massacre in modern U.S. history. Sadly, in many ways, it’s just another day, if you look at the gun massacre calendar. In a country where a disturbed person can stockpile 30-plus weapons and convert some to fire automatically, something is seriously wrong.

If Congress didn’t act after scores of first-graders were killed in Newtown, Conn., chances are it won’t act after over 50 country music fans are massacred. Meanwhile, President Trump says we’ll talk about gun laws “as time goes by.”

Well, as time is going by, there are more lives shattered, more awful video and audio recordings of gun mayhem and more calls to rein in the gun pushers. The NRA, which used to be focused on hunters and other sportsmen, is now apparently a nihilistic cult that wants easier access to silencers, armor-piercing ammunition and guns in every possible venue. Stay safe, and as always, you can visit me behind the scenes and find other cartoons here on my Patreon page.