Everything seems to be coming up Trump on the Supreme Court lately. From wedding cakes to the Muslim ban to unions, the Trumpier Court is on the march. Oh, and now the president gets to pick another Supreme Court justice

The court’s ruling that let the travel (OK, Muslim) ban stand is also a big boost for Trump and Sessions’ “zero-tolerance” border policy. Now if they could just find a place to put all those kids. Don’t worry, they’re working on it. The conservative justices on the court give loads of leeway to a president (in this case, a crazy one who has been compromised by a foreign power) to dictate immigration policy.

Even though Trump may have issued an executive order that put a stop to family separation, this non-policy policy is still unfolding. (Not to mention there are still plenty of children who have yet to be reunited with their families.) It’s not looking good for our country, and even though Trump may be impeached—or even better, voted out as a loser—he’s going to leave a long-lasting stain on the United States. (Oh, and remember to stop by my Patreon page, where you can go behind the scenes and help support my work.)