They’re coming to get you. As a matter of fact, they’ve been coming to get you for quite a while. Whether it’s trying to kill Obamacare or kill 4,500 more people every year with pollution, it seems like the new brand of Trump Republicans are the ones really out to get us. 

If it was a subtle dog whistle before, now it is a blaring loudspeaker: Trump’s Republicans want to win this election using xenophobia, racism and fear. The timing of the migrant caravan fleeing violence and despair in Central America is perfect fodder for their hateful campaign.

Migrants marching north and partisan pipe bombs are both big stories, but let’s also remember just how much today’s Republicans want to keep changing the United States for the worse—by repealing the Affordable Care Act, continued land and tax giveaways to corporations and horrific policies like family separation. This is the real deal. Vote.