Now that a list of Mueller’s questions for President Trump has leaked, we have a better idea of how much trouble awaits the president. Add that together with Trump’s inability to keep his mouth shut or stay on message and you’ve got a defense attorney’s nightmare.

There is almost no way the president can answer these questions without falling into a lie or trying to correct a previous lie. Apparently Trump was looking for the word “collusion” in all caps in the list of questions, and when that didn’t appear he once again felt vindicated.

It is abundantly clear that the special counsel is very, very interested in the president’s involvement in Trump campaign interactions with Russia, not to mention Ukraine. As the Trump legal team shape-shifts with each passing day, it becomes even more clear how disastrous it would be for Donald Trump to open his mouth in the same room as Robert Mueller. Enjoy the cartoon and come visit me behind-the-scenes on Patreon!