The Leaning Tower of Trump seems to be leaning a little more each day. The shifting explanations of the famed 2016 Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign and Kremlin connected operatives seem to be inching closer to the truth.

It became even more apparent with President Trump’s recent tweet that the meeting was very, very most definitely not about adopting Russian children. Surprise, surprise. Trump is becoming increasingly insistent and bold that conspiring with a hostile foreign power to sway a U.S. election is perfectly legal and fine. I can see why his lawyers don’t want him talking with Robert Mueller.

The steady drip of indictments, new revelations and tweets are leading toward a bigger confrontation. The Trump administration’s facts-be-damned proclamations may work in some corners of the court of public opinion but may be less successful in a real court. Oh yeah, unless there’s a constitutional crisis. (Enjoy the cartoon and remember to stop by my Patreon page!)