President Trump tweeted, “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.” I hope he’s right. Entering the summit in full praise mode, it seems like Trump was determined to get some great photos with Kim Jong Un and call this meeting a success, no matter what. 

As far as the “art of the deal” goes, Kim Jong Un signed a vaguely worded declaration reaffirming his previous affirmations about disarmament that he kinda’ sorta’ broke before. In exchange, he became an instant celebrity and is now seen as a world leader who can get the president of the United States to fly around the world and offer him effusive praise in person.

Never mind the nukes and the human rights stuff, this guy is “talented!” He’s so talented, he can get the leader of the United States to adopt his language and call joint military exercises “provocative” and “inappropriate.” Talented guy, that Un dude. Here’s hoping North Korea now verifies the destruction of their nuclear program, but why would they do that when Trump already gave away most of the store? Enjoy the cartoon, and visit me over on my Patreon page!