While Donald Trump longs to fire Jeff Sessions, the attorney general is doing Trump’s dirty work at the border. In truth, it’s work anti-immigrant Sessions has been passionate about for quite a while. As we’re focused on the Russia investigation and a racist Roseanne Barr, hundreds of children are being scarred for life.
That’s right. In less than two weeks in May, over 650 children trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border were taken from their parents. (These are not to be confused with the 1,400 or so children “lost” by the feds, which is a different, if related, issue.) Contrary to what the president has said, taking kids away from their parents as they try to enter the country illegally is not a law that the Democrats could “fix.”
The Trump administration could stop ripping kids from their parents immediately, and should. This is just a coldhearted attempt to scare people from crossing the border while trying to extract political leverage in Congress, a la DACA. And if that isn’t enough, we’re now jailing asylum-seekers, which is illegal, not to mention cruel and immoral. While the main stage features corruption and lying, don’t forget to keep your eyes on the policies being carried out right now. (Hope you like the cartoon, and be sure to visit my Patreon page to go behind the scenes with me.)