Teddy Roosevelt is back, learning what has become of his Republican Party. When President Trump hacked down the size of two national monuments—and has his eyes on others—Roosevelt must have spun in his grave. Actually, he was probably already spinning in there when the GOP jammed the huge tax cut windfall-for-billionaires through the Senate.

Everything is coming up Trump as the Republican Party marches to a right-wing fever dream. Take away lands that are under public protection? Check. Ram through a far-reaching mega-bill that foments inequality? Check. Endorse an apparent child molester to achieve the goals of your political ideology at all costs? Done and done.

The rightward march is happening fast and furiously now. I’m not too optimistic. I can’t decide if a kleptocracy is better than an oligarchy or the other way around. Hmmm. The really awful thing is that many of these changes happening now have a good chance of outlasting Donald Trump, if he were to go away for some reason or another. Enjoy the cartoon; chin up, Bully! (And please visit me on Patreon.)