Lawmakers are set to jam a version of the huge tax bill through the House on Thursday but the Senate version may be in trouble. These bills are expertly designed to increase income inequality and kill Obamacare to boot. Slightly-more-sane Republicans in the Senate may be a substantial roadblock to this $1.5 trillion tax cut mess.

Congressional Republicans have been working hard to give the super-wealthy and corporations a gigantic tax cut. In an attempt to help pay for these monstrous giveaways to the most fortunate in our society, lawmakers are proposing a tax increase for much of the middle class, cuts to social programs and a death sentence for Obamacare.

After the Trumpcare debacle(s), it may be a good thing that reckless Republicans have added the Obamacare mandate to their current slash and burn wish list. The Affordable Care Act is remarkably popular across the country, so if these tax “reform” bills are seen as another Obamacare repeal attempt, they may be dead in the water. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s sure to be a rollicking few days in the tax and health care department. (And stop by to visit me at Patreon while you’re at it!)