President Trump has a strong affinity and even admiration for some of the globe’s leading authoritarians. Unfortunately, it’s become more than just a fascination with those tough guys he seems to like so much. Trump is bringing more than a touch of autocracy to his presidency.

I’m not even talking about his stonewalling and refusal to cooperate with subpoenas and congressional oversight. Trump wants his wall, but Congress didn’t give him the money, so he declared an emergency and got the funding on his own. 

There was bipartisan horror at Saudi Arabia’s killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi—leading Congress to cut off U.S. support for the Saudi war against Yemen. Trump decided to declare an emergency again and turn over the keys to Raytheon, which will be working directly with the extremist Wahhabi regime to make more bombs. That’s just a taste of the Strongman-in-Training who occupies the White House. Here’s hoping this democracy thing prevents Trump from becoming a fully-fledged strongman. 

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