A little over a year into President Trump’s first term of mayhem, most people seem to understand that there will be no “pivot” or “becoming president” for the unstable Tweeter-in-Chief. He is able to read from a teleprompter without shouting out racial slurs, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, when Stephen Miller writes your speech, you still sound like a crazy man.

Trump’s State of the Union speech was a recitation of how great he is and how all good things in the world can be traced back to him. It was more of a toned-down campaign rally than a speech outlining new policies or plans for the future. 

The president seemed most invigorated by a recitation of the evils of illegal immigrants. There was, of course, the none-too-subtle equating of MS-13 with regular ol’ illegal immigrants—the paranoid senior citizen sees a bloodthirsty gangbanger under every bush. And to top it all off, there was some chilling North Korea saber-rattling. (Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to go behind-the-scenes with me over on Patreon!)