Now that everyone may finally be coming to terms with the fact that President Trump is a crazy man who will never become “presidential,” the Narcissist-in-Chief is trotting out his Gold Star Family chief of staff to come to his rescue. Poor General Kelly had to dredge up his fallen son to defend his reckless boss.

This all started when Trump dug himself into a hole by saying how great he is at consoling families of fallen soldiers (much better at it than Obama was, of course) after reporters started asking questions about the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Niger. (Never mind what the soldiers were actually doing in Niger to begin with.)

Actually, this all started last November. We knew what we signed up for, after all. While Trump’s prowess at consoling is probably far down our list of worries, the lies and deceit are familiar in all parts of the current presidency. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to visit me over at Patreon!