Sigh. If only there really was some contraption we could wear that really would filter out all the lies and fabrications emanating from the Trump administration. Methinks we’re about to enter a crazier, more fast paced phase of White House mayhem

It could be a new and expanded war or a constitutional crisis, or likely both at the same time. Between FBI raids on Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to the president’s scary unhinged rant earlier this week, we’re in for a wild(er) ride. 

Trump is sounding more and more like a dictator trying to hold on to power and issuing none-too-subtle calls to his supporters to stand up against the “attack on our country.” You know, the attack that is investigating payouts and threats to women the president wants to silence. Enjoy the cartoon, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to visit me behind-the-scenes on my Patreon pages!