In this drawing by an 8-year-old girl named Zara, the artist says, “We feel that our families will be separated” and “My sister and I feel pressure when we watch the news.” (Bright)

Fear and anxiety have increased in immigrant communities since the 2016 presidential campaign and the election won by Donald Trump. Nora Litz—an artist, writer and activist from Mexico City—wanted to help Latino children articulate their feelings, reports Bright, a publication about innovation in education.

The students from undocumented families of Mexican descent expressed themselves at an “Illustrated Migration Stories” workshop in Philadelphia using comics.

Andrea Gurwitt, editor of Bright, writes:

The kids, ages seven to 15, are all too aware of the immigration controversy swirling around the adult world above them, and of President Trump’s hard-line stance. And while some kids did illustrate their journey from Mexico to the U.S., many others told the story of what’s happening in their homes right now.

“A lot of it was the drama of being told by their parents, ‘If someone comes to the door, don’t answer it,’ or about the preparations being made. ‘If we don’t come home, who do you call?’ ” said Tim Whitaker, founder of Mighty Writers, the nonprofit organization that offered the program. Mighty Writers’ goal is to help kids learn how to think and write clearly.

About 30 kids participated in the free seven-week program. See samples of their work below.

“Don’t eat me, Donald Trump!” Osvaldo, 7. (Bright)

“I am scared that Donald Trump will take away our parents. We are scared!” Amy, 10. (Bright)

“If Congress doesn’t want to give me the money for the wall, I’ll get it myself!” Alan, 13. (Bright)

“You’re fired.” Sophie, 9 (Bright)

“I am scared that my baby sister isn’t going to be born in the U.S.A.” “I want my baby to be born here before I get deported.” Alan L., 12. (Bright)

“I’m president now!” “What is this? A wall!?” “I’d love for you to open your heart.” Yaretzy, 10. (Bright)

“Where is the moon? With Donald Trump, there will be no more science.” Francisco, 11. (Bright)

“Let’s watch TV.” “How scary!” “I thinking if I’m building the wall.” “Get in the wall!” Alvaro, 10. (Bright)

“I don’t really lik Donald becaur he said he i gonna bild a wall.” David, 7. (Bright)

“I feel worried about leaving my family, my family is really important to me. I’m going to be worried about leaving my family.” Nayeli, 10. (Bright)

“The wall will be ready in 2 1/2 mouths!” “Oh no!” Amaral, 14. (Bright)

The Mighty Writers’ comics class returns July 11 in Philadelphia.

—Posted by Eric Ortiz