Between Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York investigating campaign finance (and other) shenanigans, it might be a jumpy Christmas around the Trump household. And now there isn’t even a Donald J. Trump Foundation to help spread goodwill and holiday cheer.

It is amazing the level of corruption and shady dealing has been squeezed into just a couple short years. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but it seems like the chickens have started to come home to roost. The Trump grifting enterprise isn’t exactly the most professional crime syndicate, so I’m hoping it will come tumbling down once the various investigations pull threads and flip enough people.

Plenty of irreversible damage has already been done, of course, (hello, Justice Kavanaugh?) but the rats may start jumping ship in greater numbers. Before you start feeling too optimistic, remember that Trump is likely facing serious criminal penalties once he leaves office— which may cause him to do anything he can to prolong his stay in office. In the meantime, at least some bad guys are spending time in jail.

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