Well, Trump’s emergency declaration is here — time to get ready for ripping off funding from military construction and anti-drug trafficking activities, hooray! We’ve got to build a wall that’s already tremendously built and take money from anti-drug trafficking to pay for a thing that cuts down on drug trafficking. Follow?

This wall (or wall-like thing made up of beautiful vertical slats) is a grand monument to Trump’s “build the wall” campaign chant. That’s it. It’s not really about doing anything. Illegal immigration is way down. Drugs aren’t sped through the desert, they come through official ports of entry. Hordes of asylum-seekers don’t run through the desert, they tend to go to Border Patrol posts and turn themselves in so they can begin the legal asylum process.

Never mind the details about the wall and immigration, let’s just mess with the separation of powers and the U.S. Constitution. How’s that for not politically correct? This wall will continue to be a giant political vacuum that sucks attention from everything else. (Except maybe more indictments?) Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to visit me on my Patreon page for behind-the-scenes goodies!