It looks like Mike Pompeo is heading toward an easy floor vote in the Senate, thanks to some spine-softening moves by Kentucky’s Rand Paul. Pompeo received the thumbs up (barely) from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week, so the next stop is a vote before the full Senate. We are well on our way to having an anti-gay, anti-Muslim, bible-thumping Tea Partier from Kansas as our secretary of state.

Rand Paul rolled over and cast the deciding vote once Pompeo said the Iraq war was a “mistake” and he would never in a million years do something stupid like that, unless it was in North Korea or Iran. Pompeo is already known for pushing a bogus link between al Qaida and Iran. Sounds familiar, no?

The United States’ soon-to-be secretary of state is a cross between John Bolton and Tony Perkins. For fun, Pompeo likes to advocate for torture and mass surveillance while voting against the Violence Against Women Act. Now if only he liked to drink on the job. Enjoy the cartoon and come visit me over on my Patreon page!