Here in the United States, it took a major attack on Saudi Arabia oil facilities to bring much attention to Yemen. Houthi rebels in Yemen took credit for the attack that took millions of barrels of Saudi crude oil out of the picture and rocked oil markets. Houthis are backed by Iran and there’s a pretty good chance this may have been a direct attack by the Saudis’ sworn enemy across the Persian Gulf.

I’m struck by how the main focus of most media outlets is on a temporary shortage in the global oil supply that is driving up gasoline prices and may be another big blow to the economy. Yemen gets a moment in the spotlight when we may have to pay 20 extra cents at the pump — not so much when 85,000 children under the age of 5 starve to death

I’m guilty, too. Even though I’ve touched on the war in Yemen before, the oil attack is what snapped my attention back to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. So while we’re worrying about our own economic necks, maybe we should do something for the people in Yemen who are truly suffering.