Another day, another school shooting. The plague of gun violence continues unabated across the United States. The pro-assault weapons NRA crew is changing their tune a little bit, but not for the better.

In the days of Sandy Hook, the National Rifle Association would go dark and hide for a week or so. Now, they come out in full attack mode, blaming all mass shootings on mentally ill people, video games, Ritalin, you name it. Anything but the rampant military assault weapons that have flooded our country.

I fully agree that we should do something to keep guns away from unstable violent people, but maybe we can do that AND limit access to guns designed for a battlefield. Good thing the NRA’s chief pitchman is now a guy who likes arms so much, he sold them to Iran’s Ayatollah to fund more weapons in Nicaragua. (Enjoy the cartoon and stop by and visit me behind the scenes on my Patreon page!)