President Trump just can’t help himself. In 2016, the Trump campaign welcomed foreign interference in the presidential election and tried to hide it; in 2019, Trump himself sought out foreign interference in the presidential election and tried to hide it.

This is getting easier. The phone call between Trump and the leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is more accessible and more clearcut than shadowy Russian internet trolls and email exchanges with dumb Trump offspring. Plus, the second time around, Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to be taking this a little more seriously. Trump seems to be saying, “Stop me before I treason again!” 

So, as we enter into an official impeachment inquiry, let us sit back and realize that two television stars—one a comic and one a reality star—had a conversation that may unravel an entire administration. At least that is my hope. Enjoy the cartoon and stop by my Patreon page for sneak peeks at upcoming cartoons and other goodies!