The train wreck that is the Trump presidency is gathering momentum. If anyone had doubts Donald Trump is up to his eyeballs in Russian naughtiness, the joint Trump-Putin press conference may open some eyes. (You know, if multiple convictions and indictments weren’t enough.)

Honestly, Vladimir Putin may have played his mark a little too well. Trump’s fealty to Putin was just a little too, well, obvious. So obvious, in fact, that many Republicans are up in arms over the performance — at least until the next time someone yells “tax cut!”

After a firestorm of criticism, President Trump kinda sorta walked back one word (yes, one word) of his press conference. He can’t even do a proper political walk-back. In the face of 45 minutes of throwing his own administration and the (occasionally evil) United States intelligence community under the bus, one word ain’t going to fix it. Even Paul Ryan almost grew a spine. Almost. Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to stop by my Patreon page!