Now that Donald Trump’s personal “lawyer” Michael Cohen is in a whole heap of trouble, each revelation may well outdo the last. By the time the various investigations into Trump and his orbit of grifters and thugs conclude, we’re going to see a lot more than old fashioned Russian election meddling.

The slimy deals Cohen made with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal are just the tip of the iceberg, this guy has been involved in so much more. Methinks it’s the revelations about foreign business deals that will really get Trump and Cohen squirming . . . and possibly convicted.

Now that we’re learning more about Michael Cohen, you can see a bright line of bullying and bravado that leads straight back to Roy Cohn, the earlier Trump lawyer famous for McCarthyism, redbaiting and the lavender scare. Enjoy the cartoon and visit me over on my Patreon page!