The great spring purge at the White House is under way. President Trump has been slashing and burning his minions and now has a cabinet loaded with “acting” secretaries. The famed baby-torturer, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is out.

Apparently Nielsen and others weren’t tough enough for Trump. Maybe the migrant families fleeing violence in their home countries will soon be extra-extra separated again? There is plenty of other cruelty Stephen Miller and his henchman Trump can throw at the border.

Trump swears he won’t start separating children from their parents again and blames it all on Obama, of course. The administration has already moved to close U.S. immigration offices overseas, closing the door further. I’m afraid to see what “acting” wackos will fill the void left by the departing wackos. Enjoy the cartoon, and if you want to help support my cartooning—and get some goodies for yourself—come visit me over on Patreon.