It may be a sign of how bad things have become that we breathe a sigh of relief when the president signs an executive order that will lead to families seeking asylum being indefinitely detained. Whew. At least we’re not going to rip their kids away, scar them for life and lose them in the system. They can all be incarcerated together now.

What a kindhearted and benevolent leader, that President Trump! I cannot imagine the fear and torment Trump’s cruelty has caused those kids and parents. It makes me long for the good ol’ days when we would use only grown Dreamers as political leverage. (Or the even older days when President Obama was the deporter in chief.)

Wednesday’s executive order is definitely not the end of this horrific immigration stunt. Even if these separations stop immediately, as they should, there are 2,300 children who have been wrenched from their families. Reunification will be difficult thanks to this chaotic cruelty that was done so recklessly. The one silver lining is that Trump and crew saw that there is a point where people (even some Republicans) will say no to his insane policies.