President Trump just blew up one of the most important nuclear arms control deals because he, like, wanted to. With the arrival of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in the inner foreign policy circle, Trump was freed to unleash his inner (and outer) strongman. Never mind that the Iran deal was working, according to just about everyone.

Trump and his partner in nuclear armament, Bibi Netanyahu, did everything they could to convince the world that Iran has nuclear weapons and must be stopped. Turns out what was stopping Iran from their nuclear program was the deal Trump just demolished. 

The twisted logic is stunning. Trump, Bolton and crew were up in arms because Iran would be free to build nukes again in 2030. So naturally, let’s chuck the deal so they are free to build nukes, um, right now. The lies used to justify leaving this deal were astounding. We “gave” Iran $150 billion dollars, says the president. Actually, that was Iranian money tied up in central and private banks around the world that had been frozen because of sanctions. Lifting sanctions were the carrot to get Iran to halt their nuke program. Never mind. Onward to sanctions, nukes and bombings. (In the meantime, you can visit me here on my Patreon page!)